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FAQ on VoIP Business Phone System

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Switching from a traditional phone system to newer technology such as VoIP can be challenging for many businesses. Although VoIP has created a buzz as an ideal means of communication, it still provokes doubts for many business owners.  

If you are just getting started, you might find it difficult to understand the intricacies of VoIP. In this FAQ, you can get detailed insights about VoIP business phone systems and how things work.  

1.What is a VoIP Business Phone System? 

It is a phone system that lets phone calls be made over the same IP data network your employees use for web browsing and emails. Business VoIP offers reliable phone service to employees and surely surpassed the phone service.  

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2.Is VoIP the best solution for my business? 

VoIP can be tailored to fit your business needs as it offers scalability, and portability to grow your business. Both mobile and desktop users can leverage the VoIP phone system. Many businesses are already using VoIP due to its high reliability powered by the latest technologies. 

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3. Is Business VoIP expensive?

Since there is no extra physical hardware or infrastructure needed for VoIP, it is comparatively cheaper than the traditional phone system.  Your business can expect better savings by using VoIP. 

VoIP Cost

4. Do I need to maintain a VoIP business phone system?

You do not have to worry about maintaining a VoIP business phone system as the service provider takes care of everything.  You just have to make sure your internet connection is stable with lightning speed. 

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5. What if I shift my office, will the VoIP phone system still work? 

Yes. Since the Business VoIP phone system works through the service of the internet, your employees can still make or receive calls even after shifting the office. 

VoIP Migration in Melbourne

6. Can I set up VoIP for remote employees? 

Yes, the VoIP system makes telecommuting easier for employees and customers.  It lets your remote employees connect in real-time and get things done.  Apart from audio, video calls are also possible through VoIP to communicate.

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7. What equipment is needed to use the VoIP phone system? 

When you pick a VoIP Business Phone System, you do not need VoIP hardware for your business. It is important to note that you will still need a stable internet connection as VoIP significantly relies on it. Your VoIP system can be set up using a smartphone or a computer. 

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8. How can I secure my VoIP Phone System? 

It is crucial to secure your new phone system from attackers to avoid the loss of sensitive data. You can use unique/ complicated passwords while creating user accounts. Unused accounts can be deactivated and awareness about security can be spread among your employees.

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9. What are the examples of business VoIP phone systems? 

There is a wide spectrum of business phone solutions offered by Telco ICT. iPECS EMG100, equipped with all RH45 interfaces, has a single cabinet for basic and expansion KSU. If video conferencing, instant messaging and Outlook integration is your business need, then go for iPECS UCP100. For more details, check the phone systems. 

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10. What is a SIP trunk? 

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) lets you get a VoIP i.e Voice over IP call and acts as an application layer protocol for conducting real-time sessions of video or audio between phones. In short, it lets you create, modify or end sessions in an IP network for multi-party calls.

SIP trunk calls

11. How does the SIP trunk work? 

It can be defined as a virtual version of an analog phone line. A SIP provider connects one, two, or many channels to your PBX using SIP trunks. Thus, you can make local, and international calls through the Internet.

12. What is a SIP provider? 

A SIP Provider offers the service of SIP trunking that lets businesses link their in-house PBX systems to Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).  

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13. What are the benefits of SIP Trunking for my business? 

SIP trunking works fine for you irrespective of your business size.  

Benefits are as follows: 

  • Affordable: Compared to the older PSTN line, you can expect faster ROI from your investment on VoIP with lesser initial capital expenditure.  
  • Better flexibility: Since Direct Inward Dials (DIDs) are used, each employee can have his/her SIP line. Thus, better flexibility while calling.  
  • No need for a physical area: You can get the local number where you want to do business without having a physical office. It lets you have local and toll-free numbers to the same SIP trunk. 
  • Amazing scalability: SIP trunking lets you have extra trunks and channels with DID in a few minutes, unlike traditional PSTN phone lines. 
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SIP benefits 

14. What is the difference between SIP and VoIP?

VoIP is just a part of SIP technology. SIP is not limited to phone systems as it offers messaging, video, and other digital media too. VoIP is only used for IP telecommunication. 

Difference between SIP and VoIP

15. Will call quality reduce after switching to VoIP?

VoIP surely offers amazing call quality. Besides, users cannot notice the difference between calls made through a typical phone line and the VoIP Business phone system. 

call quality on voip

16. Should my business switch to the NBN network?

Yes. Since old phone or broadband networks are being replaced by NBN networks, the services from the older network will soon be terminated across Australia.  To resume getting phone service, it is better for your business to switch to the NBN network

switch to NBN

17. Can I make phone calls through VoIP during a power outage? 

No. In case of a power outage, the router cannot work and thus disconnection of internet service. Since VoIP relies heavily on an internet connection, it is better to have a power backup to keep things moving.

18. Are my calls secure on the VoIP Phone System?

Yes. Your calls are secure as VoIP phone systems provide robust security features that are better than typical landlines. Your organization can even encrypt VoIP calls to prevent unauthorized users from tracking conversation

19. Do I need tech team support or can I set up my VoIP phone service on my own?

Without assistance from a tech team, it can be overwhelming for a beginner to set up VoIP. It is better to contact a reputed and right service provider such as Telco ICT to leverage all features of the VoIP phone system without any hassles.  

20. Why should businesses use VoIP service?

Through VoIP, you can save money spent on traditional phones and your employees can do multitasking without any glitches. Since VoIP works fine even for remote employees, it is an ideal choice to scale up your business.  

 Hope you got a detailed insight about VoIP phone systems. You can pick the ideal service provider and the right team to get started. Telco ICT is here to help you choose the ideal phone system customized as per your business needs.  

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