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Ericsson LG iPECS EMG 100 – One Solution for Your All Communication Problems

Abhishek Bhargva

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So you finally launched your new business or we call a start up.

And, for a communication system, you might’ve considered Ericsson LG iPECS EMG100.

It is an ideal communication solution to set up phone systems for small businesses. Also, it works great for a large business, especially if it is transitioning into technology. But it is still fine if you’re confused if it is an ideal communication solution for your business or not?

In this blog, you will lookout all the specifications and the features of LG iPECS EMG100. Alongside, you’ll see the benefits this iPECS phone system can provide to your business. So it will be easy for you to decide, either choose this iPECS phone system or not?

But before going any further, let’s throw some light on iPECS technology.

What is the iPECS Phone System and Why should I choose it?

iPECS is manufactured by Ericsson LG and is known for its advanced features such as NBN compatibility, convenient Operating System, high reliability, and many more.

iPECS phone systems have made subtle improvements in communication systems since they entered the market. Today businesses are communicating better because of the iPECS phone system.

It works perfectly fine for installing phone systems for small businesses. And, that’s how you communicate with your colleagues and customers using voice, text, and video. So, nothing like an iPECS phone system when it comes to solving your communication problems.

What is Ericsson LG iPECS EMG100 Phone System?

LG iPECS EMG100 is a communication solution specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses. This iPECS phone system is popular for its wide compatibility with various technology devices. Moreover, it is a hybrid system developed in collaboration with two big telecommunication brands- LG and Ericsson.

EMG100 supports IP, digital, analog, VoIP and Unified Communication devices. It features the same architecture as LG iPECS UCS100 and EMG800. The likewise features of iPECS UCP IP gives it an ability to replace LG iPECS SBG-1000. Plus, LG iPECS EMG100 will provide you all these features at a cheap price as compared to above mentioned products. And, to use VoIP phone systems for small businesses this communication system is your ideal choice.

Key Features of LG iPECS EMG100 Phone System

LG iPECS EMG100 comes with uncountable amazing features. Moreover, we made a list of features you must know about:-

  • Single Cabinet for expansion of KSU.
  • Integration with microsoft teams. You can use microsoft teams as soft phone.
  • Voicemail to email feature.
  • Call reporting which includes the incoming and outgoing call report.
  • 4 VM and 2 VoIP channels included on basic KSU.
  • All ports equipped with an RJ45 interface.
  • Supports Wall and 19-inch rack mounting.
  • A total number of ports- 214 – 74 trunks/140 EXT.
  • Monitor Statistics for Multiple Group ACD calls.
  • Built-in iPECS ClickCall.
  • Web user portal with Web administration.
  • Embedded audio conference.
  • Supports Custom MOH.
  • Mobile-friendly (iOS & Android).
  • Compatible with a wide range of handsets and business phones.
  • Built-in 32 Mobile EXT. that is expandable up to 140 EXT.
  • Choose from IP, SLT, or digital options according to your business characteristics.
  • On-demand and Encryption enabled Call recording.
  • In-depth Call reporting statistics such as call history including wait times, numbers of calls answered, etc.
  • Built-in voicemail and auto attendant.
  • Supports One-click call answering and call transferring.
  • Display Real-time status of current User.
  • Multi-party conference call recording up to 13 users.
  • Add up to 6 users in Multi-party video conferencing.
  • Choose your preferred communication method from Voice, E-mail, Instant Messaging, or video.
  • Operate without an external phone.
  • Fully integrated into applications.
  • Pre-featured with 2 user licenses for iPECS UCS / iPECS Clickcall.
  • Built-in 32 IP EXT. that is expandable up to 64 EXT.
  • Integrated Notifications for ACD, Audio conference, VM to email.
  • Relay, Emergency Alarm, Paging, and MOH are included.

Benefits of choosing LG iPECS EMG100

You can find various kinds of phone systems for small businesses. LG EMG100 is a prominent iPECS phone system that many companies have been using for years. So don’t be worried about its performance. It will be superior to other communication systems in the market.

As you can see a list of features, it also comes with countless benefits. But as a startup or small business, some of them won’t be ideal for you.  Moreover, below are some key benefits, this iPECS phone system brings to your business:

Hassle-free Management

Most phone systems for small businesses come with multiple cabinet types. Hence, you waste your most time while managing and carrying them. Whereas, iPECS EMG100 features a single cabinet that simplifies all your communication needs. You can mount it on a wall or use its 19-inch rack-mount according to your requirements. Also, its 214 ports come with RJ45 interface integration that gives it universal compatibility.

Be Ready for All Future Upgrades

Additionally, you will get a license for iPECS UCS / iPECS Clickcall that you can use to expand your business productivity. It is a scalable-friendly iPECS phone system which can be easily upgraded from a TDM technology to IP. It is compatible with all the major Ericsson-LG headsets series alongside the other iP or Digital headsets. The list concludes major headsets series like Ericsson-LG LIP-9000, Ericsson-LG LDP-9000 and the wireless headsets of Ericsson-LG.

Moreover, you can easily add extra capacity and communication features as your business grows. Comparative to other available phone systems for small businesses, it’s an extra advantage to keep your business up-to-date.

You Saves lots of Money

In the market, you can find many phone systems for small businesses. Although, not every iPECS phone system is economical. But, as you can see in the feature list of LG iPECS EMG100, it comes with lots of built-in solutions. Built-in VoIP, VoiceMail, Auto Attendant, Paging, and Emergency Alarm are some of the examples. Plus, this iPECS phone system is much more affordable than other phone systems for small businesses. So, you get a win-win situation when you choose LG iPECS eMG100.

You Don’t Need a Manual Guide to Operate it

LG iPECS EMG100 is seamlessly easy to install as a new communication system. You can easily pass over the initial installation process and customize its settings for the first run. The UI is easy to adopt nonetheless on which device you’re using this iPECS phone system.

The fusion of Web User Portal and Web-admin allows you to manage your real-time operation from anywhere. You can also personalize your communication needs according to your requirements, anytime without any hassle. No matter, you will use it to install phone systems for small business or a large one, it would be pretty easy for you.

Expand Your Business in Various Aspects

You can install iPECS phone systems for small businesses and still can grow it in less time. LG iPECS eMG100 integrates well with all essential business applications to fulfill a wide array of communication needs. You can use it to manage contact center communications alongside the system administration. The 3rd party application support allows you to broaden your business accessibility to different industries such as healthcare, education, etc. Moreover, you can monitor all these communication statuses and activities simply by visiting the screen dashboard.

Use Anywhere, On any Device

LG iPECS EMG100 is able to set up a better communication system for you, even if you’re in a high demanding environment. Also, you can add multiple numbers of phone systems for small businesses as well as for large ones.

iPECS UCS expands the mobility of your desk phones to use them freely, like a smartphone.  Moreover, the Mobile Extension feature allows you to communicate using desk phone and mobile. The fusion of VoIP and eMG100 allows you to use tablets, PC, and, Smartphones as your table desk. Also, the one number service shows your business professionalism, no matter the device and the location you’re using to communicate.

Boost Your Business Growth with Premium Features

Besides the basic features, LG iPECS EMG100 offers you premium features without paying any additional amount. For instance, Auto-attendant features to sharpen your multitasking skills and improve your productivity flow. Call statistics feature is useful to find the weak points of your employees by monitoring their performance. Meanwhile, on-demand call recording could be useful to do A-B testing and to make a strategy around it. These features can bring great results to you no matter whether you set up phone systems for small businesses or for a mid-sized enterprise.

You can arrange daily group call meetings of up to 13 participants with a max of 40 simultaneous conferences with the Audio Conference Bridge feature. Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) comes in handy for attending and distributing calls to their dedicated departments. Also, real-time monitoring, voice, video, including ACD event messages made it an ideal iPECS phone system for every user of your organization.

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Final Thoughts: Should you buy LG iPECS EMG100?

Telecommunication world is changing at a rapid pace. So, to grow as a business you must choose a scalable communication system. Moreover, you can’t blindly invest in phone systems for small businesses. EMG100 features a single cabinet, and premium yet free features So it is a great choice that saves you a lot.

Also, the customization, mobility, and the accessibility of this system promise an extended alliance with your organization. NBN is establishing an upgraded set of phone systems in Australia. So if you’re going with VoiP phone systems for small business, EMG100 works great for you.

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