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Empower Your Business Communications with iPECS Phone System

Abhishek Bhargva

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iPECS Phone System

Whether you have a small or medium sized business with more business phones, LG Ericsson iPECS phone system is an ideal choice as it offers business-class unified communications solutions. Being one of the most popular solutions, LG Ericsson iPECS phone system is built in with start of art technology. Following are the reasons why SME business owners just cannot get enough of it: 

  • Amazing array of IP 
  • Softphone 
  • Mobility features 
  • Option to combine with easy to use handsets 

Around 2 to 2400 users can be scaled across many websites through iPECS PBX. Thus, LG Ericsson iPECS phone system turned out to be the biggest selling PBX across Australia with the above feature.       

Pick the size as per your need

As per your requirement, you can pick the right size among the iPECS UCP series and LG Ericsson iPECS eMG100 phone system. You can even explore the enterprise models to scale to thousands of users. 

Since the underlying technology remains the same, these can be coupled to make various setups to fit your needs. Thus, you can get the system required. 

Features & Benefits

iPECS has more to offer than you can ever expect from any phone system. 

Below are the features of iPECS IP IBX. 

  • Conferencing 
  • SoftPhone 
  • Unified Communications 
  • Networking 
  • Mobility 
  • Unified Messaging 
  • Multimedia Applications 
  • Call Centre Applications 
  • PC Attendant 

Range of productivity enhancing applications offered by iPECS eMG phone system are as follows:

  • IP Call Recording 
  • UMS 
  • Unified Communications 
  • Mobility 
  • Built-in voicemail 

For more information, you can reach out to our expert consultants to customize a solution to fit your needs or budget. After our team evaluates and understands your needs and how your business runs, they can suggest an ideal solution and how it can boost up your business.  

Should I use VoIP for the Ericsson LG iPECS phone system?

NBN is already making businesses (irrespective of their size) to leverage the power of the internet to make phone calls. In some cases, where NBN is not available, you still have to use the typical copper lines to make calls. Thus, there is no need for you to use VoIP 

Can I keep my current phone system but switch to the latest technology?

Yes. Since the iPECS PBX models are created to seamlessly integrate your current phone system, latest SIP and networking protocols, you don’t have to give up your copper phone lines and still manage to get the benefits of the latest technology. If you change your mind in the future, you can always switch to VoIP and enjoy the cost saving benefits.  

Can I use LG iPECS PBX system NBN yet?

Absolutely. IP PBX systems are created to work with your current infrastructure and NBN. Right now, most businesses are making the best use of the high-quality business-grade VoIP phone calls 

Can I connect any type of Ericsson LG phone handsets to the iPECS?

Through UCP series PBX phone systems and iPECS eMG100, you can connect a wide range of handsets to your system. It gives you an amazing flexibility to create a setup as per the need. The system can be integrated with various wireless handsets and there is an option to connect with the latest IP enabled & digital handsets. 

Below are the range of handsets to experiment with as per your need: 

  • Wireless handsets 

You can connect both IP DECT & DECT handsets through the LG iPECS phone system, an advanced cordless phone offering full functionality with the iPECS phone system.  

  • Option to connect mobiles or PC to the phone system 

Whether it is an employee working in the office or from a remote location; Ericsson LG iPECS phone system lets you connect in various ways: 


It can be downloaded to your PC or mobile as it is a multiplatform SIP-based app. Enabling more enterprise mobility and consolidating all communications from anywhere, it surely proved as the future of business communications.  

Below are some of the major functionalities you can expect: 

  • Integrates with iPECS phone system
  • Lets staff to connect with office phone system  
  • Transfer or receive calls from any location. 

Let’s look at the benefits of iPECS eMG100, a hybrid solution for both small and midsize businesses: 

  • Cost effective 

iPECS eMG100 offers many built-in solutions to boost up your ROI. You can make your team more productive by picking the right platform with embedded UC features.  

  • Simple deployment  

You can expect a seamless transition to a new system to avoid disruption. Initial installation and customized settings are now easier than ever. Besides, the interface is consistent through devices.  

  • Single cabinet to simply things 

Get rid of multiple cabinet types by simplifying options. You can go for hardware expansion, a series of capacity upgrades or technology upgrade from TDM to IP without any hassles.  

  • Customize your needs 

Since all businesses differ from each other, you need to connect better to deliver more than expected. You can pick add-ons to fit specialization from third parties or from the suite.  

  • Mobility without limitations 

You can now convert smartphones, tablets, and PCs into desk phones to take the office wherever you go. By switching to VoIP, you can witness good enterprise mobility.  

  • Steady growth 

With a scalable comms system, it is easy to add capacity coupled with hassle-free progress. Leverage the business communications platform to achieve your ambitions. 

Through LG iPECS phone system, your staff member needs no office phone and there is no need to stay in the office to connect with customers. They can make the best use of laptops and mobile phones to boost their productivity. LG iPECS phone system soon gained fame as the leading solution across Australia offering enterprise-level features at a little prices for small businesses.  For more insights on your transition towards NBN or exploring the right phone system to fit your business requirement, reach out to our Telco ICT team. 

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