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End of an Era: ISDN Disconnection due to NBN Phone Systems

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NBN Phone Systems

NBN is progressively designing and manufacturing new fibre extensions for all the eligible areas of Australia. They also announced that over 900,000 homes are eligible for a fibre upgrade and opted out for selected plans. Moreover, they aimed for passing 2 million premises by the end of 2023.

But what is NBN? And, is ISDN disconnecting due to the NBN?

According to NBN, the current phone service system (ISDN) is outdated and is difficult to maintain. Moreover, now we prefer communicating through VoIP phone systems, and services like SKYPE, Teams, Zoom, etc.

So, we got NBN- National Broadband Network.

Now, more questions might arise in your mind. For instance, will my internet cable be replaced by NBN? And are NBN phone systems essential for you to hold your business or professional communication? Can I use a VoIP phone system as an ISDN alternative?

This article will clear all your queries about ISDN, VoIP, and NBN phone systems.

Let’s get started then.

What is ISDN?

The full form of ISDN is Integrated Services Digital Network. ISDN works on copper wire networks and delivers voice and data services simultaneously to its users on digital lines. As compared to its predecessor (PSTN), ISDN was the fastest internet connection with a speed of 128Kbps.

What is NBN?

NBN stands for National Broadband Network and it is a state-owned corporation of the Australian government. NBN aimed for upgrading the existing phone and internet infrastructure of every house and business place in Australia. And, this goal can be achieved by installing NBN phone systems in these places.

ISDN works on copper wire to send and receive data to your phone. But, the new NBN phone systems will work on a fiber network to do the same. NBN phone systems can give both phone and internet services to their users in a single data service. Also, NBN is focused on providing both wired and radio communications to its users.

Is ISDN being Disconnected due to NBN Phone Systems?

In short, a big Yes.

Before the arrival of NBN phone systems, ISDN was a huge success. But as the new and advanced technology arrived, ISDN lost the competition. VoIP and NBN phone systems have faster and reliable internet speeds. Also, the phone systems for NBN have an easier standardization process than ISDN. Therefore it makes no sense to use ISDN anymore over NBN phone systems.

According to NBN, the internet is an integral part of our business and personal lives. So we have to replace our outdated technology with the updated one. Moreover, NBN phone systems are more advanced than ISDN and can give us a stable, and faster internet. Also, it’s essential, especially if it’s about a geographically isolated country, like Australia. Therefore, if your current cable is ISDN or PSTN, it will be replaced with the new fiber optic network.

Moreover, you can visit the NBNCo website and check if NBN is available in your area.

When will ISDN Disconnection Happen?

NBN has already started the dismantling of ISDN. In their IP program update, they have mentioned that it’s an ambitious program and before the end of 2025 everyone will need to move on to all IP communications.

Meanwhile, Openreach has already run the trial of NBN phone systems in Salisbury and Mildenhall. Also, they stopped selling the ISDN and PSTN cables in advance. Plus, all the copper internet and voice services will be stopped when the trial ends in 2022.

Furthermore, Telstra started the disconnection of ISDN in September 2019. Also, they announced to disconnect these ISDN products completely by the end of 2022.

  1. ISDN2
  2. ISDN2 enhanced
  3. ISDN10/20/30
  4. DDS Fastway
  5. Frame Relay
  6. Megalink

How ISDN Disconnection will Affect Businesses?

Comparative to the existing analog network, the new IP network works differently. And, if you’re using special service equipment via PSTN or ISDN, then it might no longer work. These services include Security alarms, Fire alarms, and Ethernet Lite BDSL. Also, you can check the list of affected special services on the official website of NBN. Therefore, next time you will buy this equipment, you must check its compatibility with the new network.

Furthermore, if you’re still doing business using ISDN services, you must act about it. Especially if you’re living in Australia. The disconnection date is not further away. Plus, the installation of the new phone system could take time. Therefore, if your phone services will be disconnected, you could end up at a significant business loss.

Things A Business can Consider before ISDN Disconnection?

Australia is one of the first countries to have Phone systems for NBN. And, as an Australian business, you must need solid technology solutions to avoid disruptions.

Here are the key steps you can follow to create a better plan:

  • Know your Technical Circumstances

How your business attend calls? How is your business accessing the internet? What is the installation structure of your current phone system? Have you saved all the important numbers and statistics of your business? Does your business need the ability to connect with your colleagues and clients from anywhere? Does your business require upgraded hardware for communication setup? For example, a VoIP phone system. Do your business use Video conference, Fax, or any other ISDN solutions?

Answer these questions and create a plan around them. That’s how you will get a clear idea of your business needs and why they’re so important?

  • Execute Your Migration Plan

Now you know the services that your business needs most. Also, if there is hardware that might need upgrading. After that, you’ve to execute the plan according to your budget, schedule, risk factor, and available time frame.

We advise you to assign a project manager or a migration service. So you won’t get burnout with all the details and execution process. Also, hiring a migration expert can lower your risk factor and save lots of time.

Why is the VoIP Phone System a Great ISDN Alternative?

NBN is still running a trial on NBN phone systems. Therefore, you might lose your phone services for a few days due to the installation process. Alongside the phone services, you could lose your existing phone number. To avoid this disruption you can use a VoIP phone system as an ISDN alternative.

A VoIP phone system works on a hosted cloud-based technology. So instead of copper wires, you can access both the phone and data services through cloud/virtual lines. Plus, a separate internet connection is enough to get started with a VoIP phone system. Moreover, a VoIP phone system is less expensive, scalable, and provides flexibility to your business.

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Final Words: NBN Phone Systems are the Future

ISDN disconnection created significant chaos in the corporate world. New phone systems for NBN are to provide us with better data and voice services. All we need is proper guidance and accurate knowledge about this change. Moreover, in an emergency, you can use a VoIP phone system as an immediate replacement. Yes, there are a couple of ISDN alternatives but a VoIP phone system is the one that can meet most of your business expectations.

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