5 Reasons To Turn to Managed IT Services For Your Business

Managed IT Services for Small Business

“Key ingredients for Business to Succeed – Right talent & Resources”, says IBM.

Easier for bigger companies having surplus resources, but for SMBs:

  1. Burning resources for employees’ training and then managing them
  2. Face uncertain expenses because of uncertain markets
  3. Less infrastructure due to tight budgets.

And for expansion, Downtime & Cyber-hacks is the last thing you bear.

This makes #1 reason, 90% of Fortune 500 organizations scale their business by leveraging Managed IT security service providers. Giving a whopping 224% ROI, says the IDC.

Scroll further, first we define Managed service provider to make sure everyone is on the same page. And then find how Managed services in Melbourne or across the globe becoming a go-to option.

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What is Managed IT Services Provider & their Functions

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing business administration and management responsibilities to a third-party – Managed service provider (MSP). Also like consultants, MSP formulates strategic decisions and conveys them to their clients.

Managed IT service provider helps specifically with IT operations, responsible for 360 deg IT functions like 24X7 monitoring, maintenance, and repair.

Telco ICT, a Melbourne MSP, key services from the past 5 years are:

  • Consulting Services
  • Managed IT Services
  • Cloud Collaboration Services
  • Digital Marketing & Web Development
  • Business Phone system for unified communication
  • Marketing Automation & Management
  • Dynamic Microsoft Office 365
  • Managing Firewalls service
  • Disaster Recovery
  • IT Security service
  • IT Support and Services
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Managed IT services in rising demand. In 2005, within one year, the demand skyrocketed by 33% among the B2B. According to Statistica, Managed services is expected to become a $356.24 Billion market by 2025. Considering demography, Asia-pacific (regions: India, China, Australia) is estimated to grow highest.


5 Key Benefits of Hiring a Managed Service Provider

Remain Goal-focused

IT field is ever-changing. Outsourcing it to specialized engineers will alleviate pressures and workload on in-house IT staff. Hence, optimizing their productivity in achieving core business goals, expansion, and innovation.

Also, downtimes are inevitable in businesses. But IT sectors face the major blow with 98% claiming an hour downtime costs $100k. Adding salt to wounds, affects adversely your team’s efficacy to deliver customer service and maintain product quality. An efficient Managed service provider constantly monitors the software, preventing the dreaded downtime.

To save more Money

IT services come with the peripheral costs: training staff, maintaining softwares, data security, network downtime, infrastructure, licensing, etc.

IDC (Internal Data Corporation) research reveals that a 100-employee company can save $400,000 annually via Managed service provider.

Here, they outsource the department, transferring peripheral expenses on the MSP’s shoulder. Just from infrastructure alone, IT companies can reduce 42% annual expenses.

Furthermore, before the Managed services… companies call technical support staff to troubleshoot. This takes hours to solve and hence, the option becomes infeasible in the cut-throat market. An hour Downtime costs business upto $300k, says Gartner. By hiring an MSP, in-charge of maintaining and troubleshooting tech errors, can save the cost at a fraction of fees.

Plan your Expenses Precisely

Extremely flexible payments – just pay for the requisite services. E.g., Microsoft 365 is highly scalable. Managed service providers in Melbourne (like Telco ICT) help maintaining the ecosystem, ensuring 100% uptime, and migrating emails securely.

Be it scale up or scale down, pay as per the required demand. Hence, making you immune from market irregularities.

Fixed charges – No overhead costs like upgrading softwares or maintaining hardwares, etc.

Shifting business from CAPEX (assets-purchasing) model to OPEX model (consumption-driven), where later one is economical and easier to foresight. Therefore, SMBs can plan their expenses precisely.

For personalized packages, contact Telco ICT here.

Scale Quickly without Herculin Investment

Installing softwares and hardwares may take months. A managed service provider may offset the initial investment.

Adding up, MSP having robust infrastructure for data security with 24*7 under surveillance. This helps SMBs to centralize all their IT applications, esp. in the growth stage, convenient to switch offices.

Furthermore, flexible payments make organizations easier to scale up or down as per market demand.

And talking about quickness, this brings us to the next point

‘Done For You’ Expertise

With IT work you’ve 2 choices: Micro-manage everything (like, training, infra, resources) OR Outsource the ridicule.

For numbers, Glassdoor mentions an avg. IT employee in Melbourne (Australia) clocks A$115k-125k/year + training + onboarding expenses. For comparison, you can rent 3 private jets at this cost.

Also, training succumbs the most crucial thing in business, it’s the Time. Time is money, right.

The second path – hiring Managed IT Service Provider – You get an expert team who cares about your business as much as you, led by a customer support manager (CSM).

Leverage instant expertise, who solve technical aspects without burning reserves on training them. Also, you gain access to the advanced IT resources… leveling field with the tech-giants. That’s where the MSP holds waters in the argument.


In this article, we’ve gone through, how lack of infrastructure and resources prevent startups from scaling. Moreover, downtime and cyber-attacks cost $100k+ and put reputation at stake.

Then we walk you through around benefits of hiring a Melbourne Managed service provider. You outsource your IT problems to them. In-charge of the up-time, cybersecurity, hardware upgrades, and infrastructure. Churning 224% annual ROI.

Want to upscale your business? Contact to a Melbourne MSP, drop a message here.

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