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5 Reasons To Turn to Managed IT Services For Your Business

Abhishek Bhargva

Telco ICT


Managed IT Services

“Key ingredients for Business to Succeed – Right talent & Resources”, says IBM. This is often easier for bigger companies with surplus resources, but not for SMBs. This is because they often:

  • Burn resources for employee management and training
  • Face uncertain expenses because of uncertain markets
  • Have less infrastructure due to tight budgets.

During expansion, Downtime and cyber-hacks are the last thing you would want to bear.

This is the #1 reason why 90% of Fortune 500 organizations scale their business by leveraging Managed IT security service providers. Giving a whopping 224% ROI, according to the IDC.

In this blog, we break down the concept of Managed service provider to make sure everyone is on the same page. We then help you find how Managed services in Melbourne or across the globe have become a go-to option for businesses of all sizes.

What is a Managed IT Services Provider?

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing business administration and management responsibilities to a third-party – Managed service provider (MSP). Also like consultants, MSPs formulate strategic decisions and convey them to their clients.

Managed IT service provider helps specifically with IT operations, responsible for 360-degree IT functions like 24X7 monitoring, maintenance, and repair.

Telco ICT, a Melbourne MSP, key services from the past 5 years are:

5 Key Benefits of Hiring a Managed Service Provider

1. Goal-Focused Approach

Remaining focused on your goals is facilitated by partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP). The dynamic nature of the IT field introduces continuous changes, and outsourcing alleviates pressures and workloads from in-house IT staff. This strategic outsourcing optimizes your productivity, allowing you to concentrate on core business goals, expansion, and innovation.

Additionally, businesses encounter inevitable downtimes. However, the IT sector bears significant impacts, with 98% of leaders stating that an hour of downtime costs approximately $100,000. This not only disrupts operations but also hampers your team’s efficiency in delivering customer service and maintaining product quality. By engaging an efficient MSP, continuous software monitoring is ensured, preventing the dreaded downtime and its associated losses.

2. Cost Savings

Managed IT services bring along peripheral costs, including staff training, software maintenance, data security, network downtime, infrastructure, and licensing. Research by the Internal Data Corporation (IDC) reveals that a company with 100 employees can save up to $400,000 annually by leveraging a Managed Service Provider. Through outsourcing, the department’s responsibilities are transferred, shifting peripheral expenses onto the shoulders of the MSP.

Notably, infrastructure costs alone can be reduced by 42% annually. Before adopting Managed services, companies used to rely on technical support staff for troubleshooting, which was time-consuming and infeasible in a competitive market. According to Gartner, an hour of downtime can cost a business up to $300,000. By hiring an MSP responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting tech errors, substantial costs can be saved at a fraction of the fees.

3. Precise Expense Planning

Managed IT services offer extremely flexible payment models, allowing you to pay only for the required services. For instance, services like Microsoft 365 are highly scalable. In Melbourne, Managed service providers such as Telco ICT ensure ecosystem maintenance, guaranteeing 100% uptime and secure email migration. Whether scaling up or down, you pay based on the demand, making your business resilient to market fluctuations. Furthermore, fixed charges eliminate overhead costs associated with software upgrades and hardware maintenance. Shifting from a CAPEX to an OPEX model enables better expense planning, particularly beneficial for SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses). Personalized packages can be obtained by reaching out to Telco ICT.

4. Swift Scalability without Hefty Investments

The process of installing software and hardware can span several months. A managed service provider can help offset the initial investment, providing SMBs with the opportunity to centralize their IT applications. Moreover, MSPs offer robust data security infrastructure under 24/7 surveillance, ideal for centralizing IT resources during growth stages and facilitating office transitions. The flexibility in payment structures further streamlines scaling operations according to market demands.

5. ‘Done For You’ Expertise

In managing IT operations, there are two options: micro-managing all aspects (training, infrastructure, resources) or outsourcing the responsibilities. As per Glassdoor, an average IT employee in Melbourne, Australia, commands a salary of A$115,000-125,000 per year, plus training and onboarding costs. This is equivalent to the cost of renting three private jets. Moreover, training consumes valuable business time, often referred to as the essence of business itself. Opting for the latter path—hiring a Managed IT Service Provider—provides access to an expert team that shares your business’s passion, led by a customer support manager (CSM). This team offers immediate expertise, resolving technical challenges without depleting resources on training. Furthermore, it grants access to advanced IT resources, levelling the playing field with industry giants. This is where the true value of an MSP comes into play.


In this article, we’ve gone through how a lack of infrastructure and resources prevents startups from scaling. Moreover, downtime and cyber-attacks cost $100k+ and put reputation at stake.

Then we walk you through the benefits of hiring Telco ICT, a Melbourne-managed service provider. You outsource your IT problems to them. In charge of the up-time, cybersecurity, hardware upgrades, and infrastructure. Churning 224% annual ROI.

Want to upscale your business? Contact Telco ICT, a Melbourne MSP, and drop a message here.

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