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7 Facts You Must Know About NBN Ready Phone Systems

Abhishek Bhargva

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NBN Ready Phone Systems

Finding strategies to help a business compete and prevail against all levels of competition is the responsibility of management in any given organization. 

These days, small and medium-sized businesses can employ new technological tools to help them compete with businesses of any size or location.

An NBN phone system, also known as a hosted PBX phone system, is one extremely useful tool that businesses can buy. 

These cutting-edge phone systems provide small businesses with a number of advantages that increase their efficacy and efficiency.

We can assist you if you’re looking to buy a new NBN-ready phone system. We’ll walk you through the many types of phone systems that are available, and all the unified communications solutions they can offer. 

What Does it Mean to Have NBN-Ready Phone Systems?

Most people talking about NBN Ready Phone Systems are usually referring to Hosted Phone Systems. However,  you still have a choice between Hosted Phone Systems and Traditional PABX Phone Systems. Here’s  a deeper explanation of each:

1. Hosted Phones

Hosted phone systems can be referred to by a variety of names, including:

  • Virtual phone systems
  • VoIP or SIP phone systems
  • Cloud phone systems
  • Or cloud-based systems.

With a hosted solution, your phone system’s programming, functionality, and data are all kept “in the cloud” rather than in a big PABX box in your workspace.

These phone systems are the greatest NBN-ready systems available because they require fast internet to perform at their peak, which the NBN offers.

Previously, large businesses with the financial means to connect their offices to a dedicated, high-speed internet connection were the only ones able to use hosted phone systems in the past. 

Thanks to the NBN deployment, small businesses can now afford high-speed internet services and have access to the necessary bandwidth to operate a hosted phone solution.

2. Traditional Phone Systems

For a considerable amount of time prior to Hosted Solutions’ arrival, traditional phone systems operated using a physical box that was located in your office. 

Calling and receiving on PABX systems has historically been accomplished via PSTN, ISDN, and (more recently) SIP trunks.

If you’re searching for an NBN-ready phone system, PABX systems are still a possibility, as we previously discussed. 

Just because they aren’t hosted in the cloud doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from the high-speed data and VoIP solutions that the NBN has to offer. 

The most crucial feature of your PABX is its IP compatibility, which enables digital data transmission and reception.

Most of the time, if it isn’t IP enabled, it can be configured to function with the NBN. However, this will depend on the kind and age of your phone system, so you’ll need to speak with a supplier to learn more about your specific situation.

7 Facts You Absolutely Need to Know About a Hosted NBN Ready Phone Systems

Let’s face it, the NBN rollout has been, well, eventful. 

But one thing’s for sure: it’s changing the game for Australian business communication, especially when it comes to that trusty old friend – the phone system. 

We are now in the era of hosted NBN-ready phone systems, sleek, powerful, and ready to supercharge your communication game.

But hold on, before you get swept away by the marketing hype, let’s cut through the jargon and arm you with 7 essential facts about NBN-ready phone systems. 

1. Easy NBN Migration

Even if you don’t know about the NBN, you should still get ready for it because your company will eventually need to use it. As long as you have a reliable internet connection now, you can use NBN Ready Phone Systems even before you receive the NBN. This is a terrific feature.

Our clients who use ADSL services to run their phone systems on SIP and do not yet have the NBN have never experienced any issues. On the other hand, we will be upfront and honest and inform someone requesting SIP that it won’t work for them if we are aware of their unreliable internet connection. 

Before using SIP with an ADSL service, make sure your supplier of choice does these tests and provides you with clear information on phone system integration. 

2. Cost-effectiveness

When you compare providers, you’ll see that they sometimes have different promotions and gimmicks, but when you read the fine print, there may be additional expenses. Not if you locate the proper supplier. 

For instance, we provide FREE programming updates to your settings and features for the duration of your system, in addition to a plethora of the most well-liked features featured in our Hosted NBN Ready Phone System. Steer clear of companies who charge you for call routing changes or voicemail diverts—these services can grow costly.

3. No Pricey Phone System Hardware Is Needed for Upkeep and Administration

It’s no longer necessary to have a tech specialist upgrade your features or perform routine maintenance or cleaning because the large PABX box in your business is obsolete.

With a hosted phone system, your host can handle everything with a single phone call. In many situations, you can even use a web interface to update features and modify code from your own computer. 

The important things to remember here are that making adjustments doesn’t require a lot of work and that damage, theft, and cleaning are no longer on your list of things to do.

4. Absence of Obsolescence

All updates and upgrades occur in the cloud as well, since everything is stored there. That implies that a hosted phone system can never go out of style. In fact, our hosted system offers FREE software upgrades for life, saving you money in addition to preventing obsolescence.

5. Making a Connection Is Easy

Connecting to your phone system is as easy as plugging in your handsets, which are the only parts that will be physically located in your business (provided your supplier has programmed them with your tailored features and settings).

6. Low initial cost and continuous savings

A hosted solution can be purchased and installed for around the same price as a traditional PABX, but the recurring costs are far cheaper—especially if you pick your provider carefully.

The call rates and rental costs for SIP phone lines are significantly less than those for regular lines once you begin using the NBN connectivity for phone calls. That is, up to 60% less. 

Furthermore, you’ll save even more money if you pick a provider who doesn’t charge you for things you don’t use or to update your programming as opposed to hiring a technician to adjust the PABX’s settings.

7. You can Extend Without Effort Anywhere

It’s quite simple to add a remote worker, new office, or person who works from home to your phone system. Asking your host to program a compatible phone is all you need to do; all they need to do is connect it to their data service. 

It implies that you won’t have to shell out a bunch for your phone system to expand along with your organization.


Now that you know more about NBN Ready Phone Systems, you should also realize why it’s critical to comprehend your options when making a new system purchase.

It’s hard to cover everything, so we understand that you might still have some unanswered questions. Our NBN Ready Phone System professionals are available to speak with you at any time. We are always willing to provide guidance and assistance. 

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