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The Role of Managed IT Services in Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Abhishek Bhargva

Telco ICT


Managed IT Services in Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Managed backup service providers are essential to the digital operations of many enterprises as the global economy grows more reliant on and linked with digital technologies. With more data and crucial business systems being hosted in the cloud than ever before, it is crucial to have secure and trustworthy recovery procedures in place to guarantee continuity and avoid data loss.

When a loss of data occurs, managed IT services from industry suppliers may assist all enterprises stay protected.

Understanding the advantages of MSPs can help your business make an informed choice.

Let’s look at the main advantages of managed IT services and how important they are to the prosperity and security of your company.

What is Data backup and Disaster recovery?

Data backup is the process of duplicating files to be kept at a certain location. In the case of a disaster, a method called disaster recovery assists in restoring those files.

Data recovery becomes managed backup services when an organization outsources these functions to a third-party managed service provider (MSP) like Telco ICT. In this scenario, the MSP takes responsibility for managing and executing data backup and disaster recovery processes on behalf of the organization.

By leveraging managed backup services, organizations can offload the complexities and resource requirements associated with data backup and disaster recovery, allowing them to focus on their core business operations while ensuring the safety and availability of their critical data.

What do you get from managed data backup services?

When you choose to contract IT service providers for data backup and disaster recovery, you enjoy a range of services that would have been rather expensive if you did them In-house.

Managed backup services give businesses the tools, know-how, and processes they require to safeguard your on-premise data, systems, and applications. The following are a few of the services you will enjoy:

  • You will get data backup on-site or in the cloud
  • You are guaranteed secure storage and access to data
  • A strong shield against malicious attacks
  • You are guaranteed data loss prevention and a very quick recovery from a disaster

Why should you consider Managed IT support for disaster recovery?

When your organization chooses to contract Managed backup and recovery services, you will enjoy safe and dependable data recovery options. The following sections break down the benefits that you reap from a managed backup service provider::

1. Functional flexibility and Scalability

With managed backup and recovery services, you can alter your backup options to meet your unique operating needs. You have the luxury to select from a variety of services, such as periodic or on-demand backups, data deduplication, and retention choices catered to their particular requirements.

Scalability is crucial for businesses that may encounter rapid expansion or changes in the amount of data they need to store. MSPs enable them to rapidly and easily alter their backup procedures. These data backup strategies add a level of scalability that enables organizations to swiftly change the quantity of data they need to back up without having to make substantial hardware or software investments.

2. Cost Effectiveness

According to Accenture, System maintenance takes up 57% of all IT resources. This is something that you can greatly cut down by contracting MSPs for your Data protection and recovery solutions.

An internal backup infrastructure often involves a sizable upfront investment as well as ongoing operating expenditures for staffing and maintaining the system.

The greatest cost reduction for expanding businesses with changing needs comes from outsourcing data management. You can adjust your backup requirements up or down to fit your current demands by selecting an MSP, saving money by not over-provisioning for occasional calamities.

With subscription-based cloud reserves, which lower total IT costs and decrease downtime, businesses can avoid these charges.

3. Unlimited Access to expert support

Organizations may have access to the knowledge and resources of a specialized service provider through managed IT services. For instance, Telco ICT’s managed IT systems provide round-the-clock customer support, enabling companies to access assistance when they require it.

Having access to a skilled provider can make it simpler to get up and running quickly, which can be especially helpful for firms that are new to backup and disaster recovery.

4. Better compliance

MSPs give businesses the tools they need to meet compliance requirements. These services usually provide encryption, deduplication, and retention options according to the needs of the organization in order to help organizations ensure user data is safe and secure.

It is true that many firms now have serious concerns about data compliance. With the introduction of new legislation like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), fines and regulations are likely to become tighter. As of 2022, the GDPR had issued fines totaling more than 2.3 billion euros.

Organizations are now required to protect user data both in transit and at rest by legal frameworks like the GDPR, and breaking these rules can result in large fines and reputational harm.

5. Shorter downtimes

Let’s face it, outages are probably going to happen more frequently as more businesses adopt cloud services. A significant amount of downtime and interruption can result from data corruption. This can have a devastating effect on an organization’s operations. Managed backup services by Telco ICT enable businesses to quickly restore data in the event of a catastrophe, hence minimizing downtime and operational disruptions.

With selectable restore points that can be as granular as specific files and folders, third-party solutions frequently enable quick and simple restores from the cloud. In the event of a breach, this makes sure that data restoration is a simple and straightforward process, enabling firms to immediately resume operations.

6. Recovery support

The truth is, system breaches are going to happen at least once in the lifetime of your business operations. It’s not about whether it happens, but about whether you are able to bounce back quickly!

After a breach, many firms have trouble restoring their systems and data. Through MSPs like Telco ICT, businesses can get access to virtualized servers, technical support staff, and recovery planning.

Planning for recovery is crucial to ensuring that organizations can restore data after a breach promptly and successfully. To ensure that data is swiftly recovered and operations are once again up and running, Your company can benefit from the assistance of a managed backup provider in developing a thorough and detailed recovery plan that is suited to the organization’s particular needs.

How Telco ICT can implement managed backup services for their clients?

We have talked about how good it can get with Managed backup services by Telco ICT. But you are probably wondering how exactly we will fulfill all these valuable services.

At Telco, we employ three major tools: Datto, Cove Data Protection and Veeam Backup Solution. With the use of these two robust resources, we provide reliable alternative options, and in the case of any inconveniences, the restoration process is seamless and very quick. The following sections break it down for you, simplifying your whole decision-making process.

1. Datto Backup

Imagine losing your entire hardware infrastructure to an accidental fire in your building. Scary right? Well, if this ever happens, Datto will be the savior of your data. This is because your data backup in the cloud has another backup, simply known as Datto backup. Confusing? Well, worry not because we have broken it down for you below!

What is Datto?

Datto is a leading provider of data backup and business continuity solutions, offering a range of products such as Datto SIRIS and ALTO. Over 5,000 MSPs worldwide use Datto backup and disaster recovery (DR) products.

Datto’s 300 PB+, purpose-built Datto Cloud saves offsite backups and offers offsite virtualization for business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR). Software as a service (SaaS) programs like Microsoft Office 365 and the Salesforce platform are safeguarded by Datto’s cloud-to-cloud backup service, which backs them up to another cloud.

What Sets Datto Apart?

Datto stands out from other data security solutions through its unique approach to creating, storing, and securing backups.:

    • Use of Inverse Chain Technology:

Datto utilizes its proprietary Inverse Chain Technology, which eliminates the traditional backup chain by storing each recovery point as an independent, fully constructed state. This ensures faster and more reliable recovery processes.

    • Multiple protection layers:

Datto’s backups are stored both on local devices and replicated to the secure Datto cloud, providing an additional layer of protection.

    • Exclusive Access to robust backup and disaster recovery procedures:

Datto operates as a “channel-only” vendor, meaning that its products are exclusively available through a select group of managed service providers (MSPs). This approach ensures that businesses receive expert guidance and support from trusted IT partners, such as Telco ICT, who specialize in implementing and managing Datto solutions.

Features of Datto’s backup and recovery product.

The following are some of Datto’s backup, recovery, and BC products:

Datto Alto:

It makes use of a hybrid cloud platform and image-based backup. Users of Windows, Mac, and Linux computers safeguard physical, virtual, and cloud workloads.

It comes with Point-in-time rollback, a feature that helps users recover from disturbances like ransomware. The Alto device manages and establishes a schedule for backup replication to the Datto Cloud. Hardware appliances for Alto are offered.

Datto NAS

This is a network-attached storage device that is linked to the Datto cloud. It offers local, virtual, and cloud workloads backup, recovery, and business continuity services. Datto Cloud controls and safeguards Datto NAS from a central location.
Data backup and disaster recovery
Another cool thing about this device is that on the local network, users can exchange files and folders, and for backup management, NAS snapshots can be replicated to the Datto Cloud.

Datto Siris

Siris is a thorough data protection platform for Windows, Mac, and Linux that safeguards physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure. It is a virtual appliance, a piece of software, and hardware.
Data backup and disaster recovery
It combines features from Datto NAS and Alto as well as other Datto backup products. Siris replicates the Datto Cloud and offers point-in-time rollback, just like Alto.

2. Cove Data Protection

Cove Data Protection is a sophisticated backup solution designed to address the evolving challenges of data management in managed IT settings. It goes beyond traditional backup systems by offering a holistic approach to data protection, encompassing a range of features and capabilities that cater to the unique needs of modern businesses. Cove Data Protection operates on the premise that data backup is not merely a reactive measure but a proactive strategy to ensure business continuity, compliance adherence, and swift recovery from unexpected incidents.

Data backup and disaster recovery

Key Features and Benefits


    • Automated Backups


Cove Data Protection streamlines the backup process by automating routine tasks such as data capture, storage, and retention. This minimizes the risk of human error and ensures consistent, scheduled backups without manual intervention.


    • Incremental Backups


Traditional full backups can be resource-intensive and time-consuming. Cove employs incremental backup techniques, which only save changes made since the last backup. This reduces backup windows and conserves network and storage resources.


    • Flexible Recovery Options


In the event of data loss, Cove offers a range of recovery options. Whether it’s a single file, a specific application, or an entire system, the solution allows for granular recovery, ensuring minimal downtime and operational disruption.


    • Off-Site Storage


Cove Data Protection emphasizes the importance of storing backups off-site, either through cloud-based solutions or remote data centers. This mitigates risks associated with on-premises disasters and enhances data redundancy.


    • Encryption and Security


Security is a critical component of data protection. Cove employs robust encryption mechanisms to secure data during transmission and storage, preventing unauthorized access and maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations.

Cove Data Protection integrates harmoniously with managed backup solutions, forming a critical component of the overall IT ecosystem. Managed service providers like Telco ICT leverage Cove’s capabilities to deliver robust data protection services to their clients. By weaving Cove into their offerings, we ensure that your data is consistently backed up, secure, and readily recoverable, fostering a sense of trust and reliability in the managed IT partnership.

3. Veeam Backup Solution

Veeam Backup Solution is a robust and versatile platform designed to deliver modern, efficient, and reliable data protection services. It offers a comprehensive solution that addresses business continuity, compliance and data loss risks. With its suite of features and innovative approach, Veeam Backup Solution has become a cornerstone in safeguarding digital assets within managed IT environments.

It goes beyond traditional backup solutions by incorporating cutting-edge technologies and best practices to cater to the evolving demands of managed IT settings. The solution is centered around the concept that data protection should be proactive, user-friendly, and adaptable to the dynamic IT landscape.

Data backup and disaster recovery

Key Features and Advantages

  • Image-Based Backups


Veeam employs image-based backups, capturing entire virtual machines or physical systems as images. This approach ensures consistent and complete backups, enabling swift recovery of systems and applications.


  • Near-Continuous Data Protection


Veeam’s unique technology enables near-continuous data protection with minimal impact on system performance. This reduces the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and minimizes potential data loss in the event of a failure.


  • Instant VM Recovery


With Veeam, recovering from a system failure is streamlined. The solution allows for instant recovery of virtual machines, enabling rapid restoration of services and reducing downtime.


  • Item-Level Recovery


Beyond full system recovery, Veeam enables granular recovery at the item level. This is particularly useful when restoring individual files, emails, or application objects.


  • Backup Copy and Off-Site Storage


Veeam emphasizes the importance of maintaining backups in geographically dispersed locations. It offers features for creating backup copies and securely storing them off-site, enhancing data redundancy and disaster recovery readiness.


  • Encryption and Security


Veeam places a strong emphasis on security. It offers encryption options for data at rest and in transit, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected from unauthorized access.

What’s in It for You When you choose Datto?

Traditional storage solutions are finding it difficult to keep up with the growth of commercial data and the evolution of the cyberthreat environment. We’re here to support your data management and provide you peace of mind with backup and recovery solutions made specifically for the requirements of your company with Datto. This is what you will get:

1. Warranty and Support

Every Datto device comes with a warranty that typically lasts three years (or five years for the latest Datto SIRIS 5), as long as the service is active and payments are up to date. Extended warranties are also available for purchase. If the device fails within the warranty period, Datto will replace it free of charge and assist in pre-loading the data onto the new device.

2. Disaster Recovery Preparedness

In the unfortunate event of a natural disaster, Datto ensures minimal interruption to your business operations. The company’s comprehensive disaster recovery plan includes virtualizing all servers in Datto’s secure data center. This allows your business to continue running smoothly while Datto sends a brand new device with all data and configurations preloaded, free of charge, for devices covered by active service agreements.

3. Prompt Support and Replacement

Datto understands the urgency of addressing failures or device malfunctions. In such cases, the company ships a new drive or device on the same business day or the next business day, depending on shipping limitations. This ensures that businesses experience minimal downtime and can quickly resume their operations.

4. Robust Security Measures

Datto’s data centers adhere to strict security standards to protect your valuable data. The facilities utilize Security Access and Control Systems (SACS) with global biometric authentication access methodology, ensuring only authorized personnel can enter. Datto’s data centers are staffed 24/7, and off-site Critical Facilities Management Teams meticulously track all access and alarm information, providing comprehensive security.

5. Data Encryption for Enhanced Protection

Datto prioritizes data security and utilizes advanced encryption technology throughout the backup process. Data is fully encrypted using AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption during transmission and cloud storage. This level of encryption, certified by the NSA for Top Secret government data, ensures the utmost protection. Datto employees do not have access to view the data, enhancing confidentiality.

6. Sizing and Scalability

Datto SIRIS, the flagship product, offers flexible sizing options to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Sizing is based on factors such as total data usage across servers and workstations, with a general rule

Why do you need a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan?

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Backup and disaster recovery cannot be neglected by your company. It is always important to stay on top of things by back up and running all your data. Why is it so crucial then?

  • It’s like Insurance!


Your staff or partners won’t be able to do mission-critical tasks that depend on your technology if it takes hours to recover lost data following an error.


  • For Business Continuity and Longevity:


You risk losing clients for good if it takes days to restart your organization after a crisis. Investments in backup and disaster recovery services are entirely warranted given the time and money you could lose in both situations.


Cloud backup and recovery services are essential for modern businesses to protect their critical data. These services provide organizations with the ability to securely store and easily recover their data in the cloud. With Managed IT support for disaster recovery like Telco ICT, businesses can mitigate the risks of data corruption, system failures, and disasters.

By leveraging the scalability and flexibility of cloud technology, your Organization can ensure the availability and accessibility of its data, enabling quick recovery and minimizing downtime. Whether it’s accidental file deletion, hardware failures, or catastrophic events, Telco ICT offers a reliable and efficient solution to safeguard valuable business information. We-re here to help 24/7, throughout the year.

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