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How much do Managed IT Services cost?

Abhishek Bhargva

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Managed IT Services cost

Just as your business needs are different from others, service plans too differ. Well, it can be overwhelming for you to explore managed IT services and get enough idea about the price for each service. Since we, at Telco ICT, continue to help several clients to assess the best service out there for them, we have listed down the cost and features of each service. 

Let’s dive deeper to understand which factors drive or decide the cost to be paid to IT managed services 

Microsoft Office 365

What’s trending these days as the most preferred productivity tool? 

It’s Microsoft Office 365!  

If you are looking for help to migrate to Microsoft Office 365, Managed IT Support provider can help you out as a one-time project as they have already helped many clients in the past. It is often clubbed with proactive monitoring service. 

How much will Microsoft Office 365 Managed Service cost for my business?

The cost depends on the complexity of the IT environment, number of users and your budget. 

Although Office 365 offers only basic email security features that depend on IP reputation or signature-based antivirus scans, you may need more for your business. Your IT Service provider can offer a solution for email security which is far more beneficial than Office 365 in blocking out malicious content from hyperlinks, spams and viruses.  

Managed IT support providers can help you out as per your requirement to achieve desired results. Read on to know more about the Office 365 service by Telco ICT. 

Help Desk

How does the Help desk service work with MSP?

After you contact the Managed Service Provider, issues are routed to relevant levels of technicians. Later, Network Operations Centers (NOC) of IT service providers deliver the service. You can pick a single POC from your team or anyone from your team can reach out to your IT service provider.  

Response, escalation times and even help desk support — during business hours or 24x7x365? — all depends on the level of service you sign up for.  

Whatever the path chosen to resolve issues; you will be informed at each step by the Managed Service Provider. 

What can your business expect from the IT Help Desk?

  • New employee onboarding/exit service 
  • Access to technicians on different levels based on need 
  • New training and workstation setups 
  • Service level agreements (SLA) 
  • Ticketing system to track down IT issues 
  • Closed loop to report back on the status of issues resolved 
  • 24x7x365 help desk support through email, web or phone from Managed service providers 

How much will IT Help desk service cost for my business?

Cost depends on the number of users and devices – servers, mobile devices, desktops and laptops. 

Following factors influence the price for IT help desk:

  • Level of support call; during business hours where you pay for support calls made out of these hours. 
  • Limit for hours spent in solving issues. Cost gets higher if the limit exceeds. 
  • Method adopted while reporting issues between IT service provider and company.

Managed IT 

It’s ideal to avoid productivity loss, cyberattacks or hardware failure to secure your data. Your Managed IT service provider can create a data protection plan for your business to manage backups or any restorations to ensure complete data backup in near future, where disaster may happen. 

What benefits can your business expect from Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery?

  • Constant protection for virtual, physical or cloud infrastructure data. 
  • 24x7x365 remediation and monitoring 
  • Protection against natural disaster, theft or fire 
  • Quicker recovery time from the local physical backup appliance 
  • For regulatory needs and long compliance, maintenance of offsite backup copies 
  • Restoration of folders, emails or complete volumes 
  • RTO and RPO guarantees 
  • Securing the data with AES-256 encryption 
  • Zero downtime 

How much will Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Service cost for my business?

Cost depends on the amount and type of information that needs to be protected. In addition, the number of devices and servers also influences the cost. Mostly, a fixed rate per month is followed but a certain amount of remediation work can also be added to the plan. Any extra work requested out of contract scope will be billed at an hourly rate. 


You can avail of this service to check IT infrastructure or lookout for potential issues before they show up. It can be offered as a part of a managed service plan or in combination with other tech services. 

It’s up to you! 

You can seek help from a Managed IT Service Provider to monitor selected devices included in an IT service provider’s plan or monitor every device within IT network infrastructure.  

What can your business expect from Proactive Monitoring?

  • Periodic network health reviews 
  • 24x7x365 tracking, management, identification, auditing or monitoring of IT infrastructure such as storage, wireless, mobile devices, workstations or backups 
  • Operating system & third-party software updates. 
  • App maintenance for SQL, Exchange or Active Directory. 
  • Performance monitoring of workstations and servers for memory utilization, disk space and CPU usage. 
  • Planned maintenance of servers or workstations to clean up temp files or disk fragmentation. 
  • Customized reporting: Data protection, uptime, security monitoring and asset management. 

How much will Proactive Monitoring cost for my business?

It’s priced per device including switches, laptops, routers, firewalls or servers. It can be offered at a flat monthly rate too. Every time this plan is billed per device, Managed IT Support uses software to find and update the number of devices in the network; what you pay per month or as per contract. Depending on the contract, hardware costs may be priced separately to replace failing equipment.  

Managed Firewall

Managed IT Service providers can install & configure physical firewall devices at your work location, and even monitor/manage from remote locations.  

Security Operations Centers (SOC) of Managed IT Support can offer firewall monitoring services through the clock. Your business can count on Managed IT Support to resolve any upcoming security issues, as they show up. Escalation times can also be added in your plan that indicates when an issue can be escalated to a high-level engineer available at MSP.  

What benefits can your business expect from Managed Firewall?

  • Web content filtering & application control 
  • Protection for your IT network through robust perimeter security 
  • Firewall replacement services to fight hardware failure 
  • Automated mitigations to safeguard against advanced attacks & regular threat intelligence updates 
  • Firmware updates/Firewall software 
  • Monitoring and remediation of spyware, adware, and viruses, 24x7x365 real-time 
  • Analyze communication streams in the firewall through advanced engines 

How much will Managed Firewall Service cost for my business?

Managed firewall plans depend on the protection level you sign up for, in addition to firewall device cost. Comprehensive plans may include services like web content filtering and intrusion prevention. Some plans may include an allowance of hours for configuration changes to firewalls as networks keep evolving. Labor costs for remediation are billed on time whenever issues happen. 

Managed Security

Get streamlined cybersecurity solutions to go beyond endpoint antivirus and firewall protection by seeking assistance from Managed Security services. The service offered by MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) is constantly updated with latest threat intelligence to attain high security. 

While MSSP resolves security issues as they show up, Security Operations Centers (SOC) monitors the service 24x7x365. Thus, physical & virtual infrastructures coupled with cloud environments are constantly monitored through this service.  

What benefits can your business expect from Managed Security?

  • Vulnerability assessments 
  • SIEM and log management 
  • Asset discovery 
  • Intrusion detection 
  • Behavioral monitoring 

How much will Managed Security Service cost for my business?

Cost for Managed Security service is fixed monthly price along with subscription tiers compatible with different types of environments.  

Amount of log file data that gets processed every month and the response time needed to resolve any security issues, decide the cost. If you need a 24x7x365 remediation response, you will end up paying more than you pay during only business hours. 

Telco ICT excel in offering Managed IT support to accelerate your business to the next level. We understand that every business requirement differs as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Backed by 24×7 support and a team with impeccable expertise, you can rely on us to pick the right IT managed service for your business. Contact us to explore more options. 

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