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Let’s admit it. When it comes to health, what do you prefer? Painful cure or prevention which would have squeezed the problem at the root? Of course, prevention is the wise option. 

Ever thought about the network health of your business? It works the same way! If the pulse of your business is ignored by IT personnel (doctors), your business would fall down the rabbithole.  

So, proactive managed IT services is all about tracking down tech issues before it’s too late. Here, we will be comparing the proactive model with the typical “reactive” approach regarding IT support. 

While big enterprises can manage to invest in tools or systems for their network, it’s tough for small to mid-sized businesses due to ever growing competition.  

Proactive managed IT services seem to be a smarter choice for SMBs as it offers similar IT expertise which big enterprises usually get from in-house resources. Thus, there is still hope for SMBs to compete with bigger players. 

Reactive IT Support

Also known as break-fix solutions, your business can expect help only when something goes wrong. You cannot do anything about it until an IT support provider shows up to fix it.   

But, here are some of the most common glitches with reactive support: 

  • Occurrence of downtime since no one keeps a tab on the network until something goes wrong. 
  • Time consuming as all possible solutions need to be tried and tested. 
  • Lack of knowledge about the IT ecosystem. 
  • Tracking the source of network outage demands skilled expertise. 
  • Human error can lead to serious expenditure. 

Proactive IT Support

Before moving on to Proactive Managed Support, take a moment and answer the following  questions. 

  • Are IT outages decreasing your staff work productivity? 
  • Is your staff relying on non-IT staff to address IT issues? 
  • Is your network experiencing glitches without any warning? 

If your answer to the above questions is “yes”, then Proactive IT support Melbourne is for your business. Ideal for small or mid-sized businesses, Proactive managed IT support can be a good choice if downtime cost is a concern. 

Your business can expect: 

  • Advanced monitoring tools  
  • Elimination of IT issues before they turnout to be a threat to IT infrastructure 
  • Stable or secure systems with zero downtime 
  • Preventive approach rather than reactive 
  • Scheduled maintenance to prevent network downtime 
  • Affordable managed IT support Melbourne when compared to cost incurred during downtime 
  • Increase in efficiency of internal resources 

Let’s say, you got the network outage and made a call to your IT service provider. Can you do something about it? Well, you can only wait till it gets fixed, right? Meanwhile, your work had to hit a speedbreak and we all know how small downtime too can harm your business. 

Is there any simple alternative to reactive support and avoid downtime?

Yes. With proactive managed IT support Melbourne, you need not worry about hidden/surprise bills at the month end. You can seek help from a managed service provider such as Telco ICT to fix downtime and go for a proactive solution. 

To increase savings, productivity and efficiency, every business must seek help from managed IT Support Melbourne location. Don’t pause your work due to downtime. Instead, with proactive managed IT support, you can save up your money and time. Leverage the system that can track issues for you before anything takes a wrong turn.  

While reactive IT support makes work chaotic, proactive IT support lets you sail past any glitches without hampering workflow. Thus, most of the small or midsize businesses prefer proactive IT support.  

We can work together to develop a managed IT support plan that fits your business needs. At Telco ICT, we make sure to offer customized IT support Melbourne to fit your business needs and propel you towards accelerated growth. Contact our team for more assistance if you want to explore options. 

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