6 Business-Transforming Reasons Your Hospital Needs a Strong IT Support Team

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The hazards of data breach and ever-changing technology in healthcare, demand immediate attention.

These challenges cause burdening of in-house staff, deviating them from clinical chores which dampens the patient’s experience. All this when you want to cut expenses.

This is where Medical IT Support makes everything better: increase quality, improved patient satisfaction, better ROI and decrease cost.

Owing to such benefits, IT Outsourcing in healthcare is expected to rise 10.2% to reach $312.43 Billion industry in 2022.

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In this article, we’ll look how the Healthcare sector transformed from Medical IT Support. Later, services offered by Telco ICT, a Melbourne IT Support, so you can evaluate exactly how outsourcing will benefit your business.

Let’s dive in.

6 Key Benefits Outsourcing Medical IT Support

360-degree Data Protection

Privacy Act (1988) in Australia mandates healthcare organizations deals with the patient’s sensitive medical-info – stored electronically or physically.

Contrary, Post-COVID made data vulnerabilities at record heights. 50% higher data breaches are reported than the previous year. Adding fuel to fire, data prevention systems: firewalls or anti-virus systems are intentionally complex to operate. And takes only one malicious email to break the fragile network.

Even if the organization set up its own data center, managing EHR – expensive staff to hire. Hence, outsourcing becomes a viable strategy.

Therefore, an experienced MSP will shield you, techie or non-techie, from cyber-attacks of all kinds; keeping the electronic health records (EHR) secure.

Lastly, Melbourne IT Support like Telco ICT constantly reviews the data to keep it accurate. Providing you a secure business environment to enhance efficiency.

Get More from IoT

Internet of Things offers tools to connect apps or devices to exchange data seamlessly. For Healthcare industry, facilitates in real-time patient monitoring, hence, decreasing the doctor’s visits – saving money and disease can be caught timely – accurate diagnosis.

Moreover, with IoT you can analyze the data to derive meaningful trends from it.

Partnering with Telco ICT, reap benefits of the IoT service to exchange data encrypted against cyber-attacks.

24*7 Reliability

Unlike other verticals, healthcare functions without a pause. The smooth operation of high-tech medical equipments to admin systems, fall on the shoulders of the IT staff. At Telco ICT, a dedicated Managed Service provider, gives unlimited 24*7 exclusive support.

Medical IT Solutions involves network troubleshooting, system crash, hardware failure, and preventing downtime. Constantly running tech-systems will make your patients happy because it’s shrink the bed wait time upto 70%.

Moreover, around the clock service makes us time zone independent. Implying you can avail support at your convenience.

Boosting Productivity

Non-clinical activities (like Check-ins, billing, implementing cloud computing, maintaining hardware) is one major reason for nurse-job dissatisfaction – leading to 30-50% turnover.

BMC Health Service research shows nurse’s spends a major chunk of a business hour performing documentation and communication.

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When staff is relieved from micro-tasks, channelize their energy into intrinsic chores like medical care and nursing support. Enhancing the productivity – bringing better patient’s overall experience and delivering value related to the healthcare mission.

Medical IT solutions use practice management software (like Genie Solutions or MedicalDirector) to organize non-clinical data. It keeps data at one place, making your hospital’s staffs lives easier and free from human error. Furthermore, an MSP takes care of software updates or maintenance at no added cost.

Trend-proof Upscaling

Healthcare industry experiences ever-changing technology drift. This adversely affects daily operations. Firstly, capital investments on technology advancement. And risk involved handling a new machine under the untrained hands and that too at cost of your patients. This is the last thing you ever wanted.

To solve such challenges, healthcare partners experienced Managed IT service provider. Medical IT Supports working with large team, bring expertise and the latest technology-handling – giving clients the requisite technical proficiency to scale quickly.

Save Money & Get Things Done

The latest survey by Gartner revealed, cutting the expenditure is #1 objective for healthcare organizations. Bringing objectives to results, Outsourcing cuts expenditures by 24%.

Key to saving expenses with outsourcing –

  • Hiring an experienced team without spending a dime in recruitment or training.
  • Gaining operational efficiency and lowering in-house resource dependency.

Health Management noticed 50% respondents indicated outsourcing IT saved money with 60% shared positive feedback for the IT support. Black Book poll reciprocated the same, 1600 hospitals claimed working with MSPs, they gotten amount invested within 6 months. Adding icing to cake, IT Outsourcing deducts an organization’s non-IT expenditures like sales or administrative costs. Hence, further reducing the operating costs.

Why Choose Telco ICT for Medical IT Support

Recognized IT Support since 2016. Other than aforementioned benefits, 5 exclusive benefits when choosing us:

  1. Inhouse cyber specialists. At Telco ICT, apart from monitoring the data, finding system vulnerabilities which attacker may exploit, then patching it. Hence, future-proofing healthcare systems.
  2. Experienced IT support in dealing with medical centers of all sizes. Working at strategic level to apprehend your healthcare mission and priorities.
  3. Transparent and friendly IT Support. Understanding your requirements to deliver the requisite at earnest.
  4. Being a Telstra partner, clinics can securely telecommunicate via SIP and phone system services.
  5. Delivering the best practices within the budget constraints.

Over To You

If I’ve to share only one thing… 75% Hospitals outsource IT services to save operating expenses and they cannot be wrong.

In this article, we walked you through how a medical IT Support helps healthcare:

  1. Data Protection
  2. Accurate Diagnosis via IoT
  3. Around the clock reliable support
  4. Boost Productivity by removing non-clinical tasks
  5. Trend-proof your business without burning capital on equipments
  6. Save Money by hiring an experienced IT staff without recruitment hassles.

Then we talked about 5 exclusive benefits partnering with Telco ICT to maximize the ROI.

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