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Revolutionize Your Hospital: 6 Compelling Reasons for Establishing a Robust IT Support Team

Abhishek Bhargva

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For decades, the ever-changing technology in the healthcare industry has been victim to the hazards of data breaches.

Consequently, the earlier healthcare leaders realize the costs of these data breaches the better. This is because hospitals will always have a ton of data to protect as there are always thousands of people getting sick on a daily basis. This industry is one of those that will never close down and if this data is not maintained and safeguarded, the hospital could lose all of its records. This is where a standby Medical IT support team comes into play.

If you were to rely on an In-house staff to keep up with the security of all this data, it would surely have a toll on the productivity of the hospital as a whole. Here’s why: these challenges impose a burden on in-house staff, diverting their focus from clinical tasks and subsequently diminishing the patient experience.

If you contract a Medical IT Support, it will revolutionize the situation. This is by enhancing quality, elevating patient satisfaction, optimizing ROI, and reducing expenses. In fact, offering ease of task completion and management to healthcare personnel is also possible with IT support. These advantages have led to a projected 10.2% increase in IT Outsourcing within the healthcare sector, resulting in a booming $312.43 Billion industry in 2022.

In this blog, we will look into why you should consider leveraging Medical IT Support in transforming the healthcare sector.

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Strategic Applications of Medical IT Support Across the Healthcare Sector

The major role of IT support is to enhance efficiency, patient care, and operational outcomes. But what are its
specific applications in the healthcare sector? Here’s a brief breakdown:

1. Electronic Health Records (EHR) Management

Long gone are the days when hospitals used to rely on large manual data storage. Medical IT Support plays a crucial role in modernizing healthcare data management. It enables the seamless creation, storage, retrieval, and sharing of electronic health records (EHR) across different healthcare providers. This ensures that patient information is easily accessible to authorized personnel, leading to more informed and coordinated care.

2. Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring

This has become a major application in recent years, especially during the COVID period.

Medical IT support facilitates the expansion of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring solutions. Through secure communication platforms and wearable devices, healthcare professionals can conduct virtual consultations, monitor patient vitals, and track health trends over time. This approach is particularly valuable in reaching patients in remote areas and managing chronic conditions effectively.

3. Integrating AI-Powered Clinical Diagnostics

AI is nearly everywhere, and being able to enhance medical procedures is not a shock. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, Medical IT Support enhances clinical diagnostics. AI-powered diagnostic tools assist healthcare practitioners in analyzing medical images, pathology reports, and patient data to achieve more accurate and timely diagnosis, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

This transformative capability leads to diagnoses that are both more accurate and prompt, resulting in substantial enhancements in patient outcomes. The fusion of AI and medical expertise holds the promise of revolutionizing diagnostic accuracy and expediency, exemplifying the remarkable synergy between cutting-edge technology and healthcare excellence.

4. Precision Medicine Initiatives

Precision medicine programs rely heavily on medical IT support. It makes it easier to analyze enormous volumes of patient data, including genetics, way of life, and medical history, to create treatment programs that are specific to each patient’s needs. Medical therapies are more efficient and well-targeted when they are individualized.

5. Safeguarding Cyber Security of Patient Data

With the increasing threat of cyberattacks, Medical IT Support focuses on maintaining robust cybersecurity measures. It ensures the protection of sensitive patient data, safeguarding against breaches that could compromise patient privacy and trust in the healthcare system.

6. Predictive Analytics

Healthcare firms can utilize the power of predictive analytics thanks to medical IT support. It assists in spotting patterns and trends by analyzing huge databases, enabling proactive planning and resource allocation. The use of predictive analytics helps healthcare providers anticipate disease outbreaks, patient admission rates, and resource needs.

7. Administrative Activities

Within the healthcare industry, medical IT support streamlines administrative procedures. Automated scheduling, inventory management, and billing processes decrease manual paperwork and human error, enhancing operational effectiveness and resource allocation.

6 Key Benefits Outsourcing Medical IT Support

1. 360-degree Data Protection

Privacy Act (1988) in Australia mandates healthcare organizations to deal with the patient’s sensitive medical info – stored electronically or physically.

However, post-COVID made data vulnerabilities at record heights. 50% higher data breaches are reported than the previous year. Adding fuel to fire, data prevention systems: firewalls or anti-virus systems are intentionally complex to operate. Actually, it takes only one malicious email to break the fragile network.

Even if the organization sets up its own data center to manage the EHR, it is still very expensive to hire staff. Hence, outsourcing becomes a viable strategy.

Therefore, an experienced MSP will shield you, techie or non-techie, from cyber-attacks of all kinds. This will keep the electronic health records (EHR) secure.

Lastly, Melbourne IT Support like Telco ICT constantly reviews the data to keep it accurate. Providing you with a secure business environment to enhance efficiency.

2. Get More from IoT

Internet of Things offers tools to connect apps or devices to exchange data seamlessly. The healthcare industry facilitates real-time patient monitoring, hence, decreasing the doctor’s visits – saving money and disease can be caught timely – accurate diagnosis.

Moreover, with IoT, you can analyze the data to derive meaningful trends from it.

Partnering with Telco ICT will help you reap benefits of the IoT service to exchange data encrypted against cyber-attacks.

3. 24*7 Reliability

Unlike other industries, healthcare functions without a pause. The smooth operation of high-tech medical equipment to admin systems falls on the shoulders of the IT staff. Telco ICT, a dedicated Managed Service provider gives unlimited 24*7 exclusive support.

Medical IT Solutions involves network troubleshooting, system crashes, hardware failure, and preventing downtime. Constantly running tech systems will make your patients happy because it’ll shrink the bed wait time up to 70%.
Moreover, around-the-clock service makes us time zones independent. This implies you can avail of support at your convenience.

4. Boosting Productivity

Non-clinical activities (like Check-ins, billing, implementing cloud computing, and maintaining hardware) are one major reason for nurse-job dissatisfaction – leading to 30-50% turnover.

BMC Health Service research shows nurses spend a major chunk of a business hour performing documentation and communication.

When staff members are relieved from micro-tasks, they channel their energy into intrinsic chores like medical care and nursing support. Enhancing productivity – bringing better patient’s overall experience and delivering value related to the healthcare mission.

Medical IT solutions use practice management software (like Genie Solutions or Medical Director) to organize non-clinical data. It keeps data in one place, making your hospital’s staff’s lives easier and free from human error. Furthermore, an MSP takes care of software updates or maintenance at no added cost.

5. Trend-proof Upscaling

The healthcare industry experiences ever-changing technology drift. This adversely affects daily operations. Firstly, capital investments in technology advancement. And risk involved handling a new machine under untrained hands and that too at the cost of your patients. This is the last thing you ever wanted.

To solve such challenges, healthcare partners experienced Managed IT service providers. Medical IT Supports working with a large team, bringing expertise and the latest technology handling – giving clients the requisite technical proficiency to scale quickly.

6. Save Money & Get Things Done

The latest survey by Gartner revealed, that cutting the expenditure is the #1 objective for healthcare organizations. Bringing objectives to results, Outsourcing cuts expenditures by 24%.

Key to saving expenses with outsourcing –

  • Hiring an experienced team without spending a dime in recruitment or training.
  • Gaining operational efficiency and lowering in-house resource dependency.

Health Management noticed that 50% of respondents indicated outsourcing IT saved money while 60% shared positive feedback for IT support. Black Book poll reciprocated the same, 1600 hospitals claimed to work with MSPs, and they got an amount invested within 6 months. Adding icing to the cake, IT Outsourcing deducts an organization’s non-IT expenditures like sales or administrative costs. Hence, further reducing the operating costs.

Why Choose Telco ICT for Medical IT Support

We have been a recognized IT Support Provider since 2016. Other than the aforementioned benefits, 5 exclusive benefits when choosing us:

1. Inhouse cyber specialists. At Telco ICT, apart from monitoring the data, finding system vulnerabilities that the attacker may exploit, then patching it. Hence, future-proofing healthcare systems.

2. Experienced IT support in dealing with medical centers of all sizes. Working at a strategic level to apprehend your healthcare mission and priorities.

3. Transparent and friendly IT Support. Understanding your requirements to deliver the requisite in earnest.

4. Being a Telstra partner, clinics can securely telecommunicate via SIP and phone system services.

5. Delivering the best practices within the budget constraints.


If I’ve to share only one thing… 75% of Hospitals outsource IT services to save operating expenses and they cannot be wrong.

In this article, we walked you through how medical IT Support helps healthcare:

  • Data Protection
  • Accurate Diagnosis via IoT
  • Around-the-clock reliable support
  • Boost Productivity by removing non-clinical tasks
  • Trend-proof your business without burning capital on equipment
  • Save Money by hiring an experienced IT staff without recruitment hassles.
  • Then we talked about 5 exclusive benefits of partnering with Telco ICT to maximize the ROI.

Then we talked about 5 exclusive benefits partnering with Telco ICT to maximize the ROI.

Want to upscale your healthcare business? Connect Today with Telco ICT, drop the message here

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