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Team Elite Physio

Through a multi-pronged digital strategy, Team Elite Physio transformed from having almost no online presence to a consistent stream of leads from local SEO and Google Ads efforts.

From Obscurity to Prominence:

How Team Elite Physio Skyrocketed Organic Users by 2000% Local SEO and Google Ads with Telco ICT

Team Elite Physio has seen phenomenal growth and success in its digital presence with Telco ICT's digital strategy, evidenced by a 2000% rise in organic users. With no online presence and no received calls or inquiries from their website, a targeted campaign was the only way to drive traffic to their website.

Combining SEO strategies with robust optimisation efforts and home and inner page upgrades for a high conversion rate has catapulted Team Elite Physio towards online visibility and customer engagement.

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The challenge:

Team Elite Physio, a well-known physiotherapy clinic, was in digital limbo. Their online presence was almost negligible on SERPs, which presented a serious problem considering the digital-first approach of most modern consumers.

The combination of a non-performing website, technical glitches, and an unoptimised Google My Business (GMB) profile presented a significant challenge. These issues hampered Team Elite Physio's online visibility and curtailed its potential to attract and convert leads, which is essential for any business in the digital age.

The website demonstrated its inability to convert visitors into clients. So, how did the Telco ICT Group deploy a multi-dimensional solution to the problem?


The Telco ICT Group approach:

On a technical front, the website had many issues hindering its performance and overall user experience, from 404 errors, non-existant local SEO visibility, slow site speed and more.

Telco ICT proposed an impactful fusion of search engine optimisation, website home and inner page design enhancement, GMB optimisation and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The ultimate goal, to boost digital leads.

This robust, forward-thinking blueprint was custom-made to connect with Team Elite’s ideal audience and deliver an unprecedented level of success that the company had never experienced before.

With Telco ICT's understanding of the importance of aesthetic and technical aspects of a successful website, the initial focus included updating the homepage and inner pages to boost conversion rates.

The pages were revamped with user-friendly designs, concise service descriptions, and clear calls to action, turning them into high-conversion assets.

GMB optimisation began in earnest. Recognising the impact a fully-optimised GMB profile can have on local SEO, everything from business details to opening hours and service offerings was updated and made consistent across platforms.

Given that a high percentage of clicks go to the first page listed in search results, crafting a comprehensive local SEO strategy was a focus, particularly on the following:

  • Local keywords
  • Customer reviews
  • Directory listings

The aim: For local clients searching for physiotherapy services nearby to find Team Elite Physio.

To supercharge the lead generation efforts, the next strategy was launching a Google Ads campaign with a clear landing page strategy. This initiative aimed to attract and convert users actively seeking physiotherapy services, while the landing page was to capture leads effectively.

The team developed a monthly blog strategy to conclude an effective digital presence. Regularly posting engaging, informative, and SEO-optimised blogs related to physiotherapy and wellness served a dual purpose - attracting a wider audience and boosting the website's SEO ranking.

The fruits of this intensive digital makeover were soon evident. Team Elite Physio began to rank for over 150 keywords, significantly improving from virtually no SERP presence.

With Telco ICT Group's comprehensive SEO approach led to an astronomical 2000% increase in organic users, a testament to the success of the revitalised website, local SEO strategy, and engaging blog content.

Previously starved for leads, Team Elite Physio started seeing 15 to 20 new monthly leads from local SEO efforts. The Google Ads campaign added to the influx, bringing in an additional 12 leads each month.

The combination of the local SEO and Google Ads efforts proved to be a potent lead generation engine, fueling the growth of Team Elite Physio.

This digital transformation showcases the power of a well-executed digital strategy. It highlights how combining website optimisation, local SEO, Google Ads, and a regular blog schedule can improve online visibility, drive a massive surge in organic traffic, and generate a steady flow of leads.

Team Elite Physio's success is an inspiring example of the potential of a comprehensive digital strategy delivered by Telco ICT.

Total Value Delivered by Telco ICT:

  • Website overhaul for enhanced user experience and conversions.
  • GMB profile enrichment for improved local SEO.
  • Local SEO strategy focusing on keywords, reviews, and listings.
  • Targeted Google Ads campaign with strategic landing pages.
  • Monthly blog strategy with SEO-optimised content.

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