Small Business IT Support Melbourne

Fed up with IT issues and want to boost your productivity? 

 If yes, get everything fixed through professional IT support. 

 Irrespective of business size, IT support is not just an option but a necessity now. 

  • Get rid of constant hold-ups and run your business with no glitches through dedicated IT support. 
  • Streamline your operations 
  • Allocate your resources 
  • Maximize productivity through an IT support team 

Our IT support services in Melbourne for small businesses include On-call technicians to help you. 

At Telco ICT, we offer: 

  • Remote support 
  • On-site flexibility 

Top 10 IT issues that most businesses face 

We get it! Small businesses in Melbourne need IT support as much as any bigger players need. They can future-proof their business from unforeseen crises and Telco ICT can offer tailored services to address their IT issues.  

Below are the top 10 issues we have helped our clients in the past: 

  1. Slow computers 
  2. Issues with server 
  3. Software issues 
  4. Microsoft Office 365 issues 
  5. Faulty computer hardware 
  6. Internet dropouts 
  7. Email glitches 
  8. Virus and malware 
  9. Obsolete hardware or software 
  10. Faulty backup 

Address the following tech issues by seeking the help of our skilled technicians: 

  • iMacs and Macbook Pros 
  • Windows servers 
  • NAS servers 
  • Multifunction business printers & scanners 
  • Networking equipment 
  • Laptops, desktops, tablets, and PCs 
  • iPhones and iPads 
  • Modems and Wi-fi routers 

Reasons for getting professional small business IT support in Melbourne 

1. Spend your time on the critical task 

We will do the heavy lifting for you by addressing IT issues.  

You can focus on your core competencies and crucial tasks. 

Let your team work on boosting sales, productivity, and increasing market share through best practice support.  

2. Cut down your IT costs 

Save your money spent on in-house technicians.  

You can now pay for the customized IT support you need. 

3. Enhance flexibility and scalability 

As your small business grows, so do the challenges. 

Our team is here to help you guide and adapt to changes in the IT system. 

Work on your tech strategies to achieve long-term business goals. 

4. Stay updated with the latest tech changes 

Our team offering best practice support keeps a tab on all the latest tech developments. We excel at it!  

As a client, you can rely on us to stay updated with new technologies.  

5. Leverage skilled technicians 

Our technicians got several years of experience in serving clients.  

Our experts hold impeccable knowledge of software, hardware, and networking systems to help small businesses.  

Change is the new normal.

Invest in our professional IT support to fix your IT issues.

Businesses we support 

Our IT services in Melbourne are not confined to a single type of business.  

Following are the diverse types of business we assist. 

  1. Medium-size businesses 
  2. Startups 
  3. Small businesses 
  4. Home offices  

Our IT services for small businesses also assist many industries and sectors that include: 

  • Business consultants 
  • Trade services 
  • Legal, medical and financial services 
  • Video services 
  • Retailers 
  • Online businesses 
  • HR & recruitment services 
  • Health and fitness providers 
  • Industrial and manufacturing 
  • Marketing and design services 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can your team help me with OneDrive?

Yes, we can help you set up your One Drive to sync all files across many devices that include Macs, iPhones, Laptops, PCs, and iPads. Our IT services for small businesses also involve helping you set up folder security to ensure that confidential documents are safe. 

2. Do you offer Managed Services in Melbourne for small businesses?

Yes, we offer corporate Managed Services in Melbourne for small businesses.  

3. Is managed IT services for small businesses?

Contrary to the common misconception that managed IT services are only for large enterprises, we do serve even small or medium enterprises too. 

4. What is the benefit of managed IT service?

Through managed IT service, you can reduce money spent on in-house teams. By outsourcing your IT work to an external company, you can reduce the workload of your team. 

5. What type of IT Support do you offer to your clients?

It includes phone, remote, email, onsite, and ad-hoc support.

6. Can we get help to set up blockers to protect us from getting a good amount of spam?

Yes. Our team can help you to scrap 90% of your spam. Corporate-level spam filtering technology is installed to block all spam, malware, and viruses from accessing your inbox.  

7. We need help with email and Outlook issues. Can you have any IT support for my business?

Yes. You can get help regarding email and outlook issues. Our team can also help in migrating email accounts to a more reliable platform i.e Microsoft Office 365.

8. Can your IT service team help us to migrate to Google G Suite or Office 365?

Yes. Since Office 365 is surely a more reliable and genuine platform than Google G Suite, we recommend it to our clients.  

If your business is looking out to fix IT issues, then our IT services in Melbourne for small businesses are an ideal choice. We offer customized services to fit your business needs for our clients. Our team is adept at responding to your queries and resolving any technical glitches in no time.  

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