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Slow internet and security concerns affected Perks Hotels, which partnered with TelcoICT to implement an SD-WAN solution and manage a Meraki network. This resulted in a more seamless guest experience, enhanced staff productivity, and improved data security.

TelcoICT Transforms Operations for Perks Hotels: Enhanced Connectivity & Security

First impressions are everything in the hospitality industry. For Perks Hotels, a South Australian group with four strategically located properties, these impressions hinge on a seamless guest experience and efficient staff operations.

Perks Hotels' existing IT infrastructure relied on basic NBN connections, frustrating guests and staff. The hotels struggled to deliver the exceptional service they wished due to the following:

  • Slow internet speed
  • Data security concerns
  • Complex IT management
Perks Hotels

The Challenge: Connectivity Bottlenecks & Security Concerns

With 50 staff members across four locations, Perks Hotels faced several critical challenges that impacted their business:

Poor Connectivity: Basic NBN connections offered inadequate bandwidth, leading to sluggish internet speeds. Guests experienced issues like buffering on streaming services, delayed online transactions, and slow Wi-Fi connections, which affected their overall stay.

Data Security Risks: The NBN setup lacked robust security protocols, which meant the possible exposure of guest and company data, such as credit card information and guest details.

IT Management Burden: Managing a decentralised network environment across four locations proved time-consuming. The network demanded a lot of resources from the Perks Hotels team, taking away valuable time and effort from core hospitality services.

The TelcoICT Solution: A Streamlined Approach for Enhanced Connectivity and Security

When Perks Hotels partnered with us at TelcoICT, we conducted a complete analysis and crafted solutions designed to enhance security, optimise connectivity and simplify their IT management.

1. SD-WAN with Fixed Internet Connections: Building a Robust Network Foundation

A fitting solution was implementing an SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) technology. SD-WAN intelligently routes internet traffic across multiple fixed internet connections, ensuring redundancy and optimal performance.

This meant the business no longer relied on a single NBN connection, with the risk of network outages and downtime. Guests and staff at Perks Hotels now benefit from a consistently reliable and fast internet experience.

2. Managed Meraki Network: Centralized Control and Simplified Management

TelcoICT deployed a cloud-managed Meraki network across all four Perks Hotels locations. High-performance Meraki access points provided seamless Wi-Fi coverage, ensuring guests' smooth and uninterrupted internet access.

The cloud-based management platform offered centralised control and simplified network monitoring. Reducing the burden on the Perks Hotels IT team allows staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.

3. Enhanced Security Protocols: Safeguarding Guest and Company Data

Our team can now safeguard guest and company data by implementing robust security protocols. Firewalls were configured to filter incoming and outgoing traffic, while intrusion detection and prevention systems were meticulously put in place to identify and block potential cyber threats.

These measures provided Perks Hotels with a robust security posture, protecting sensitive information and fostering guest trust.

4. Ongoing IT Support: A Partnership for Continued Success

To ensure the smooth operation of the newly upgraded IT infrastructure, TelcoICT provided ongoing IT support. The ongoing partnership with our team was a positive step forward for Perks Hotels. It has freed them from the burden of IT management, giving them the peace of mind to focus on what they do best: creating exceptional experiences for their guests.

It is like having a dedicated IT team behind the scenes, ensuring everything runs smoothly so Perks Hotels can focus on exceeding guest expectations.

Results: A Positive Impact on Business Operations

The TelcoICT solution has transformed the IT landscape at Perks Hotels, delivering a multitude of benefits that have a direct impact on their business operations:
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: Faster and more reliable internet access for guests means a more enjoyable stay in a connected society. By simplifying booking in-house services, access to entertainment, and staying connected with friends and family has vastly improved the guest experience.
  • Improved Staff Productivity: With a robust and reliable network infrastructure, staff can perform their tasks more efficiently. TelcoICT's solution smoothed out online transactions by giving staff access to faster internet, which meant quicker access to essential business applications and streamlined internal communication. All these improvements have directly impacted Perks Hotels' bottom line.
  • Reduced IT Management Burden: The cloud-managed Meraki network and ongoing IT support from TelcoICT significantly reduced the burden on Perks Hotels' IT team. Centralised network management and readily available technical expertise free up valuable resources that can be directed towards other crucial hospitality functions.
  • Improved Data Security: Implementing robust security protocols reduced the risk of data breaches. Firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and continuous security monitoring keep guest and company data safe, building guest trust and protecting Perks Hotels' reputation.

A Model for Success in the Competitive Hospitality Industry

The partnership between Perks Hotels and TelcoICT showcases the transformative power of a well-designed and implemented IT solution. By managing slow internet, data security risks, and complex IT management, the solution has enabled Perks Hotels to excel in the competitive hospitality industry.

Tired of IT headaches holding back your hospitality business? TelcoICT's solutions can help you create seamless guest experiences for your business. Contact us and supercharge your business with a consultation with our local team.

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