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LDP-9224DF Professional

Telco ICT

LG Ericsson iPECS LDP-9224DF - Professional

  • Telco ICT  192 x 36 graphic LCD with backlight
  • Telco ICT 24 flexible buttons with Dual LED
  • Telco ICT  Full duplex speaker phone
  • Telco ICT  Support button kit (12/24/48 DSS)
  • Telco ICT  Support EHSA (Electronic Hook Switch)


The LG Ericsson LDP-9224 DF Digital Telephone in Black is a digital desktop telephone in LDP-9200 series that lead the functionality to the desktop with display based interfaces, call log, self-labeling keys, and simplified phone commands. The LG Ericsson LDP-9224 DF fit the various requirements for features, reliability, ease of use, and productivity as well as ergonomic user-friendly design. It provides a 3 line graphic LCD with backlit(192 x 36), 24 programmable feature keys with Dual LED, and Wide Band Speakerphone. In addition, it supports phone extension button Kit (LDP-9248 DSS) and EHSA. The LG Ericsson LDP-9224 DF phones are suitable for usage on LG Phone systems, commonly the eMG80.


A Grade - Excellent condition. This phone has been sanitised and professionally refurbished.


This item comes with 15 months warranty.

What's Included

  • Telephone base
  • Handpiece
  • New Curly Cord
  • New Line Cord
  • Telephone Stand

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