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As a leading provider and manufacturer of service bodies for utes, trailers and trucks, HiDrive Group faced challenges with network connectivity, data security, and manageability. Telco ICT Group implemented comprehensive solutions to deliver a more robust, efficient, and secure IT infrastructure.

Enhanced Network Security and Efficiency for HiDrive Group with Telco ICT

HiDrive Group, based in Goulburn, encountered critical limitations in its IT infrastructure.

These limitations inhibited its daily operations and exposed it to potential security vulnerabilities. Our Telco ICT team stepped in to deliver a transformative solution, significantly improving HiDrive's network efficiency and security posture.

Hi Drive

The challenge:

While HiDrive Group is known for its strong reputation for delivering excellence to its customers, its IT environment was experiencing issues managing a growing environment with around 300 staff members across eight sites. These sites relied on a mix of basic NBN connections from different providers, leading to:

• Poor Connectivity: Inconsistent and unreliable internet connections hampered data transfer across HiDrive Group's locations, impacting daily operations and potentially hindering their planned expansion to multiple shifts and 300 staff members.

• Data Security Risk: Existing security measures were inadequate, exposing HiDrive Group to potential data breaches.

• Management Issues: Managing the IT infrastructure was complex and time-consuming, requiring significant internal resources.

Each of these challenges we're a considerable threat to HiDrive Group's day-to-day operations and data security. To ensure their services remained accessible and secure, they needed a reliable, secure, and easy-to-manage IT solution.

The Telco ICT Group Approach: A Multi-Faceted Solution

Understanding the critical role of a secure and efficient IT infrastructure for HiDrive Group'sbusiness, Telco ICT took a comprehensive approach to address the challenges the Head of IT faced. Here's a breakdown of the solution implemented:

SD-WAN for Optimised Connectivity

A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) was deployed across HiDrive Group's entire network, replacing the unreliable mix of NBN connections. As intelligent technology, it acts like a traffic controller by routing data across multiple Fixed Internet connections.

This approach ensures critical data transfers are prioritised and rerouted around any potential bottlenecks or outages at a single internet service provider. Telco ICT delivered a reliable and efficient data flow with minimal disruption and downtime that could significantly impact HiDrive Group's ability to deliver its services.

Centralised Management with Meraki Access Points

HiDrive no longer needed to manage individual access points at its location. Our team enabled Meraki access points that are centrally managed. The solution we provided at Telco ICT established an efficient and user-friendly cloud-based control centre.

Such a streamlined network administration significantly reduces the burden on HiDrive Group's IT team. With granular control over network access, Telco ICT can ensure secure connectivity for authorised devices while restricting unauthorised access points that could pose as a security threat.

Fortifying the Defense: Enhanced Security Protocols

Data security is paramount to safeguarding sensitive information, so Telco ICT Group implemented a robust security suite. This multi-layered approach included advanced firewalls acting as the first line of defence, filtering out malicious traffic before it can enter the network.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) constantly monitor network activity for suspicious behaviour, acting like vigilant guards to identify and neutralise potential threats. Data encryption measures were delivered to protect data at rest and in transit, ensuring an extra layer of security even in a breach.

Data Redundancy: Safeguarding Against the Unexpected

Data loss can be catastrophic for any business, especially one like HiDrive Group, which relies on data integrity. Telco ICT Group implemented redundant solutions to ensure business continuity and prevent data loss from unforeseen circumstances like hardware failure or natural disasters.

This approach means critical data is replicated and stored across multiple locations, guaranteeing accessibility and minimising downtime in case of any disruptions.

Managed SOC Service: Proactive Threat Detection

Telco ICT Group's expertise extends beyond simply putting security measures in place. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) acts as a command centre, continuously monitoring HiDrive Group's network for potential threats.

A team of cybersecurity specialists analyses network activity, identifies suspicious behaviour, and swiftly neutralises any threats before they can cause harm. This approach has given HiDrive an added layer of security and peace of mind, ensuring their valuable data is continuously monitored and protected.

Through this comprehensive plan, Telco ICT gave HiDrive Group a rock-solid, dependable network. This translates to smoother day-to-day operations and significantly boosts their overall security posture. Preventing potential data breaches via the SOC further safeguards their data and enables them to scale their operations as planned.

Total Value Delivered by Telco ICT

  • Improved Network Efficiency: The new SD-WAN with managed Meraki devices significantly enhanced network reliability and performance.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Reduced data security risks and prevented potential data breaches.
  • Optimised IT Management: Centralised management tools and continuous support from SOC ensured an efficient and easily manageable IT environment.
  • Prevented Data Breaches: The robust security measures and proactive monitoring prevented data breaches, safeguarding HiDrive Group's sensitive information and maintaining client trust.
  • Achieved Day-to-Day Efficiencies: The improved network and streamlined management contributed to increased productivity and collaboration.

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