Introducing Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise 

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Being a well known tech company, Microsoft offers many apps, operating systems and cloud services. At times, customers are baffled as they face a difficult time figuring out the right plan for their business. Adding to the already existing package, Microsoft rolled out Microsoft 365 which includes Office 365 and Windows 10. 

As per your business need, you can pick two different type of subscriptions: 

1. Microsoft 365 Enterprise = Office 365 Enterprise + Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security +  Windows 10 Enterprise.  

2. Microsoft 365 Business = Windows 10 device + Office 365 Business Premium along with security as well as management features of Office apps. 

In this blog, we will break down how the above two can help you, why you should pick them as an ideal subscription solution for your organization and how they are different from each other. 

Which businesses need Microsoft 365 Business? 

For smaller businesses with little IT resources, Microsoft 365 Business is perfect as it helps to increase productivity, ensures robust security and offers collaborative tools. 

Even if you are a midsize organization and still wish to rely on IT technology, you should be looking out for Microsoft 365 Business. 

What are the key features of Microsoft 365 Business? 

key features

1.  Cloud storage 

With 1TB of cloud storage space, you can manage your important files anytime and from any location. 

2. Collaborative options 

Tired of the same old features such as contacts, calendar, or business-class email? 

Now, you can set up online meetings with instant audio, video chat, and messaging or conference features. Thanks to Microsoft Teams, communication is easier at the workplace now. 

3. Robust security 

Security is ensured as Windows defender offers protection of Windows 10 against malware. It also gives secure access to company and personal devices. 

4. Reliability 

Microsoft 365 offers 99.9% uptime and online/phone support 24/7. Thus, reliability is significantly ensured. 

5. Simple deployment and administration 

Now device management is simplified due to single console management and Office apps being deployed to PCs of Windows 10. 

6. Office Suite 

After you install Office 365, the package will offer you the following: 

  • Outlook and Exchange to streamline emails and calendaring. 
  • Installed and web versions of Office apps. 

Difference between Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Business 

Office 365 & Microsoft 365

Office 365:  

  • It is a suite of productivity apps owned by Microsoft like PowerPoint, Outlook, and Word.  
  • Small businesses can install Office 365 as it offers essential business tools. 
  • It is not as secure as compared to Microsoft 365 Business. Also, the operating system is absent in the Office 365 plan. 

Microsoft 365 Business:  

  • It is a package that includes Office 365, Windows Enterprise, Enterprise Mobility, and Office 365.  
  • For small or medium businesses, Microsoft 365 is perfect as it makes collaboration easy. 
  • It offers excellent security and protection of network-connected devices against phishing or security threats.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business 

For small or medium size businesses who cannot afford to set up an IT staff, Microsoft 365 Business is a boon. It offers network tools to speed up their business growth and make them self-sufficient in IT management. Be it sales/client management, communication or productivity; Microsoft 365 Business got your business covered. 

What are the requirements for Microsoft 365 Business? 

  • Desktops running 10 Pro, 7 or 8. 
  • Creators Update running on current Windows 10 PCs 
  • On-premises Active Directory switched to cloud identity & management. 

After subscription is set up, what type of management is needed? 

  • After Microsoft 365 Business is deployed, business owners with little IT knowledge too can manage it.  
  • Mostly, software management or hardware maintenance is taken care of by subscription. 
  • When it comes to repair or management, you will still need an in-house IT staff. You can also prefer to take assistance from a managed service provider in Melbourne to reduce workload from your IT staff and focus on critical tasks. 

Now that we know about Microsoft 365 Business, let’s focus on Microsoft 365 Enterprise. 

What is Microsoft 365 Enterprise all about? 

For bigger organizations with complicated network management needs, Microsoft 365 Enterprise is an ideal solution.  

Just like the Microsoft 365 Business, Enterprise subscription also offers Windows 10 and Office 365 in one package along with many features. 

The features include: 

  • Intranet and advanced security measures 
  • Analytics 
  • Advanced compliance 
  • Identity and access management 

What are the key features of Microsoft 365 Enterprise? 

Key Features of Microsoft 365 Enterprise

1. Next level network security 

The subscription offers strong threat protection through Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, Device Guard and Windows Defender Antivirus. It also provides Office 365 Threat Intelligence, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. 

2. Analytics 

Organizations can get better insights in network performance along with analytics features that include MyAnalytics, Power BI Pro and Delve. 

3. Advanced compliance 

The compliance and governance requirements are taken into consideration while building the subscription package through Advanced eDiscovery, Advanced-Data Governance, and Customer Lockbox.  

 4. Identity and access management 

As per the enterprise requirements, Identity and access management are also added as Azure Active Directory P1, Credential Guard, and Windows Hello. 

How is Microsoft 365 Enterprise different from Microsoft 365 Business? 

Microsoft 365 Business 

It is ideal for organizations with basic needs to set up IT and run their business by managing day-to-day tasks.. 

Microsoft 365 Enterprise 

For larger organizations who need to reduce double handling or siloed systems, Microsoft 365 Enterprise will be a wise choice. It also helps to boost up productivity and efficiency in the network. 

After the subscription is set up, what type of management is needed for Microsoft 365 Enterprise? 

  • Be it roll out requirements such as updates, deployment or cloud based management; everything can be automated through Microsoft 365 Enterprise. 
  • As it has highly advanced features, it demands a deeper understanding of network engineering when compared to Business subscription. 
  • Besides, repair of network management or hardware maintenance still needs attention from in-house IT staff. You can also consult a genuine managed services provider in Melbourne. 

Although you have gained deep insights about the Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise, it will be a smart decision to rely on the expertise of a genuine managed service provider in Melbourne before shortlisting the perfect tool.  

Telco ICT gained a reputation for helping out clients in finding customized IT solutions and let their business grow with time. If you too are looking for subscriptions of Microsoft 365 but are confused by the many options, we can help you in your decision and pick the right tool. 

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