How a VoIP Phone system Can Boost the Productivity of Your Workforce? 

Voip vs Unified Communications

Running a business these days demands strong collaboration and communication among team members.  

Rise in remote working and flexible business models continue to disrupt the way we work and thus businesses need to refine their calling systems. Thus, more businesses are giving their nod for VoIP phone systems than ever before.  

But why do people pick VoIP Phone Service over typical phone lines?

Well, it offers more amazing capabilities than analog phones. Besides, they cost less than you expect. You can’t trust phone connections all the time, right? But the internet connection seems to be a better alternative for sure. 

Let’s not forget that VoIP technology is here to stay longer as it is picking up speed to become a core part of world communication. Overall, it promises us an increase in work productivity as it keep things simple. 

Let’s dive into the details to have better insights on VoIP. 

What is VoIP? 

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), a technology to let everyone make or receive a call through the internet connection, is known for the following features: 

  • Auto attendants 
  • Call recording 
  • Custom caller ID 
  • Voicemail to email 

How does VoIP actually work? 

Small data packets are used to make conversation possible over the phone calls. 

Using the Internet, these packets can be sent across the world in seconds.  

Go through these simple steps to understand better: 

  • Your phone is connected to a switch or router in LAN. 
  • When you dial a telephone number, VoIP calls the other party. 
  • Data packets are exchanged from IP phones after a call is established. 
  • Digital signals are then converted into sound you hear back.   

What do I need to get VoIP? 

A strong internet connection with cable, fiber or DSL is enough to leverage VoIP. 

Unlike apps such as WhatsApp or Skype, you can call anyone, provided they are using telephone companies such as Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T. Best part is the person on the other side of the call cannot notice any difference too.  

Let’s have a glance at how VoIP is gives a new facelift to the way businesses are engaging with each other and their employees for maximum productivity. 

Investing in a VoIP business phone system can offer you and your employees the following range of benefits to boost work productivity.  

Let’s start. 

  • “Do Not Disturb” 

You can’t be talking all day long, right? When you are working on a sales pitch or other task, you have to keep your phone on silent for good productive hours.  

With the “DND” feature, VoIP can make the calls jump right into voicemail. You can work in peace! 

Missed some calls? No problem. You can get back to those calls too. 

  • SMS Alerts to stay in the loop 

What if a potential lead drops a voicemail while you are away from your desk? You can still make it through VoIP as it sends you an SMS alert to notify about the waiting message.  

Log into your system or mobile, check the voicemail and follow-up with the lead. 

  • Carry office as you go  

Wherever you are, you can still make the calls through your phone. VoIP gives you a professional image as the caller ID is shown on your customer’s phone. So you can take your office wherever you stay. 

  • No need of email signature to find contacts 

Those days are gone when email signatures were checked to find a number before calling.  

With the wide contact list offered by the VoIP phone system, you can just scroll to the first alphabet of a person’s name, select and make a call.  

Missed numbers, instant redials and one-click calls are now easy with the VoIP phone system. 

  • No more downtime  

Unlike the traditional phone systems, VoIP can work fine even in a situation where a natural disaster wrecks your office or any location. You can expect smooth business flow without worrying about the downtime or any sudden disaster.  

  • Saves loads of money 

Since there is no need for hardware or phones in the office, your hard-earned money is already saved when you switch to VoIP for small business. 

  • Good for important calls 

DND surely is a bliss to work in peace but you may need to stay alert while waiting for an important call.  

With the VoIP phone system, you can set specific numbers as “Priority Status”. 

In short, your phone rings when a selected contact on priority status calls you.  

  • Catch up with missed Voicemails 

It may not be possible for you to have your phone with you at all times. You can still configure the VoIP system to send a quick audio file right into your email box. This way, you can stay updated with all communications. 

  • Flexibility 

VoIP phone systems let your business embrace flexibility and evolve with time. If your business expands, you can easily integrate technology into operations to fit customer needs. This flexibility of VoIP boosts efficiency of operations and employee productivity.  

  • Forward calls 

When you work from any remote location, call forwarding can be a saviour. You can always set up this option so that important calls get attention while other calls can land as voicemails.  

  • Money saved 

While money is saved through VoIP for small businesses, it can be invested in offering a good hike to existing staff. Thus, a surge in employee motivation and an increase in work productivity. In addition, the latest hardware or any equipment can be purchased which work faster than the traditional stuff.  

  • Better customer coordination 

Since VoIP lets your team coordinate with clients without any hassles, you can easily deliver top-notch customer service.  

With features such as texts, conferencing or calls, your team can have a wide range of options to serve clients without any wait time. As VoIP phone systems also work fine over mobile devices too, you can bypass any geographical constraints.   

  • Unified communications 

In a customer-driven world, businesses are using a wide number of communication channels to interact with customers. Thanks to VoIP phone systems which also work fine for small businesses, they can adopt a unified communication strategy. Moreover, VoIP also supports third-party integrations and thus increasing productivity and saving time. 

  • Good quality calls 

If your business involves working closely with overseas clients, poor quality calls can dampen your communication. With VoIP phone systems, you can bid adieu to poor call quality. Now get rid of connection loss or line interference through teleconferencing. Thus, boosting up work productivity of your team and business.  

Now that you have gained clarity on how VoIP can boost your work productivity, you can explore a wide range of phone systems. If the information is overwhelming, you can also contact Telco ICT team, who will help you find the ideal phone system as per your business need or budget.  


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